Microsoft explains the Windows 7 KMS activation issue

Microsoft updated the list of known issues quickly to highlight the issue but did not provide explanation other than that. Administrators had to find a way to work around the issue elsewhere, and the article that we published here on this site helped several administrators. Microsoft published a new support article, KB , on January 10, that explains the activation issue and provides a solution to fix it.
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HP Desktop PCs – Windows 7, Vista, XP Product Activation

How to Activate Windows 7 Online Information Activation is the required process of ensuring that Windows 7 on your computer is genuine and used according to the Microsoft Software License Terms.

This will show you how to activate Windows 7 online with your valid product key number. To activate online, your computer will need an Internet connection. Note Genuine Windows is a recurring process that checks your product key to ensure it’s being used with the hardware it was paired with during activation. If the product key is found to be non-genuine, or not valid, it’s likely that the product key is either being used on another computer or is counterfeit.

Try doing the Diagnostics and Validate Windows options. A Windows 7 product key number can only be used to activate the same edition of Windows 7 that it was for, and cannot be used to activate a different edition of Windows 7. A Family Pack Windows 7 product key number can be used to activate the Family Pack Windows 7 copy on up to 3 computers at any one time.

A OEM Windows 7 product key number can only be used to activate a OEM Windows 7 copy on the same computer that it was first activated on, and no other computer. A retail Windows 7 product key number can be used to activate a retail Windows 7 copy on any computer, but only on up to one computer at any one time. If you receive an error indicating that your product key is not valid when installing Windows 7, it could be for the following reasons: You might have mistyped your product key.

Try retyping it. You might be using a product key that doesn’t match the version of Windows 7 that came preinstalled on your computer. Check the product key to make sure it is for the version that you are trying to activate. The product key is for an upgrade version of Windows 7 and a previous version of Windows wasn’t on your computer when Windows 7 was installed.

If you formatted the drive before starting the installation process, you won’t be able to use the upgrade product key to activate Windows 7. To activate Windows 7, you’ll need to install your previous version of Windows, and then reinstall Windows 7.

For more information about Windows 7 activation errors, see Windows 7 activation error: You might have to activate Windows 7 again if: You uninstall Windows 7 on one computer and then install it on another. During installation, enter the product key that came with Windows. If automatic activation fails, follow the instructions that walk you through activating Windows by phone.

You will have 30 days to activate Windows. You make a significant hardware change to your computer, such as upgrading the hard disk and memory at the same time. If a major hardware change requires activating Windows again, you will be notified and will have three days to activate Windows. You reformat your hard disk. Reformatting erases your activation status. A virus or malware infects your computer and deletes your activation status.

Warning You must activate Windows 7 within the 30 days grace period after installation before it expires. When Windows 7 is activated, you’ll be able to use every feature of Windows 7.

If you chose to Automatically activate Windows when I’m online when you set up your computer, automatic activation begins trying to activate your copy of Windows 7 three days after you log on for the first time. If you install Windows 7 on a second computer, you must buy an additional product key number to activate the second installation to continue using Windows 7 on both computers.

What happens if you don’t activate Windows 7? Despite what you may have read elsewhere, there’s no ” reduced functionality mode ” in Windows 7 like there was in Vista. If the day trial or activation key expires: Your desktop background goes black.

You can change it, but every 60 minutes, it will return to black until you activate Windows. You will have a “This copy of windows is not genuine” watermark on the bottom right corner of your desktop.

You will get a notification balloon stating that you may be a victim of software piracy. You will be prompted to activate Windows every time you log in. You will receive periodic reminders to activate Windows. Windows Updates will be limited, but you will still be able to get critical security updates. However, access to optional updates or benefits available exclusively to genuine Windows customers, such as Microsoft Security Essentials , might be restricted.

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To help prevent software piracy, Microsoft requires Windows 7 activation before the full version of the software can be used. Use the steps in this document to learn about Windows 7 product activation You need to activate Windows 7 when: You purchase a new HP or Compaq notebook. You purchase a store-bought copy of Windows 7.

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A Windows 7 or Windows 8/ product key cannot activate Windows If Windows 10 does not activate even after detecting an active Internet Connection, restart and . You can confirm that your software is genuine now. If Windows detects an Internet connection, select Activate Windows online now. Click Activate Windows Online Now. Activating Windows 7 Step 3. You will now need to enter your Windows 7 product key, you can get genuine Windows 7.

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