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Step 1. Return to top Step 2. Mark up tables If there are tables in your paper, we recommend tackling these first. Go to a page with a table.
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These elements create an interactive document that is powerful in numerous different applications. Schools, government agencies and business processes all stand to benefit from adding interactive text fields in Adobe XI. Adobe Text Box Uses The interactive text fields are common on job applications, official forms, contracts and any other document where the creator controls the fields and the user can only input data into the fields desired.

In most cases the creator will build the document and save an original. They can host the document on a website where users have the ability to load a copy and add information. The more common method of using the document however is through email sharing.

The creator will send off a copy as an attachment. The receiving party will input text into the fields, save the changes and send the document back. The document is actually a simple PDF file but the text boxes are setup to accept basic input from the reader.

The creator can leave these boxes open to any text or opt for drop-down lists of predetermined text. Start by entering all of your text. For example, if you have a legal document, input and double check all text for accuracy. Leave a blank space where you want the Adobe text box.

Adding a placeholder piece of text in bold letters or highlights is helpful for returning to the text later. After your permanent text is setup, you can then insert text fields and other field types, like check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and buttons using the Acrobat form controls.

Click the Forms tab in the right sidebar menu, then click the Edit option. The Add or Edit Form Fields dialog box opens, asking if you would like Acrobat to search the document to find form fields. If you click Yes, Acrobat will identify likely text fields, then automatically insert the fields.

Click No to manually insert the text field instead. Remove your placeholder text and click inside the PDF document where the field will appear.

Next, drag the cursor to widen the field to the desired length. Click off the text field to open the Properties dialog box. Type a name for the new field, then click the All Properties link to modify additional properties.

You can adjust and customize the borders and fill colors for the specified field. Managing the Document After creating the document, make a copy for distribution.

Always save a master file separately to preserve and protect the original document. Use the copy for your website or to email between users. When sending to a user, add instructions for use to ensure they add the text and save the changes before sending it back. Overall, managing the document is fairly easy. You will however need an organizational system to manage the completed documents, especially when working in bulk.

Date and label folders to organize as needed. You can separate by the individual or do batches based on the date and type of document. References 2 Adobe: He has a diverse background with a strong presence in the digital marketing world.

Zach has developed and sold multiple successful web properties and manages marketing for multiple clients in the outdoor industry. He has published business content in Angling Trade Magazine and writes white papers and case studies for multiple corporate partners. Photo Credits.

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Adobe Acrobat XI not opening or crashing on launch You may experience an issue with Adobe XI not starting or crashing to the desktop after launch. Manually reinstalling the program will not resolve the issue. The problem has been reported to Adobe support and more information concerning the issue can be found at the following location: How to resolve the issue The following workaround has been reported to resolve the issue on a system with the Windows 7 operating system installed: Follow the steps below to display hidden files and folders within Windows:

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Taking PDF creation and editing the next level, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro makes it easy to work with this industry standard format. The Adobe text box creates a powerful, interactive document that is commonly used to create interactive PDF forms in Adobe Acrobat Professional XI. file but the text boxes are setup to accept basic input from the reader. This article details the end of life for Adobe Acrobat XI and how to transition to a Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Acrobat Professional are.

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