Review: Avid’s Pro Tools 9

Published January By Sam Inglis For the first time ever, Avid have made the full Pro Tools feature set available on native systems — and you don’t even need one of their interfaces to run it! It’s official. Hell has frozen over. Avid, for so long the most insular manufacturer in the business, were embracing openness.
avid pro tools 9

Avid Pro Tools 9 review

With Pro Tools 8 being on the market for only two years, I wondered how different this version would be. Happily, I discovered that Avid upped the ante, delivering a Pro Tools that offers more power and better flexibility.

Avid has released a confident Pro Tools that stands on its own, and they are leaving it up to the user to choose the interface they want to interact with. Pro Tools 9 is compatible with any core audio or ASIO third-party interface, a huge step to a more competitive market. The first thing I noticed when opening the box was an included dongle. Installation was a breeze. Within 10 minutes of loading the installation disc I had Pro Tools 9 up and running.

The look is identical to Pro Tools 8 — a consistency that has its advantages. Pro Tools 8 took some getting used to when updating from 7, but users will be able to easily jump into their next project when cross grading to 9.

Because of Waves plug-in compatibility issues I experienced during my last update, I was a little nervous, but Waves V. I even started up a few old Pro Tools 8 sessions… no issues. Automatic Delay Compensation. Computers, namely laptops, have become more sophisticated in the last few years. Automatic Delay Compensation is a step forward in closing that gap. Users can mix on Pro Tools 9 with the peace of mind that their audio will be sample accurate on the way out.

Sample accuracy, by the way, has been quoted as an important feature to achieving a fuller sound by top mixers. And users can now have the assurance that their mixes will come out phase-accurate and better sounding, too, giving the final product a real professional edge.

Users can also choose from an expanded palette of control surfaces. With the inclusion of a timecode ruler, engineers will have an easier time editing sound to picture and discussing audio changes with producers, editors and directors. For the music folks, Pro Tools 9 includes multitrack beat detective, eliminating the frustration of having to edit drums track by track. MP3 export is also included in the package. You May Also Like As one of the largest producers of games, animation and visual effects in Iran, Raymon Media Company provides integrated, high-quality services to game developers and filmmakers.

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Afficher l’avis original Avid’s Pro Tools 9 is the latest version of the industry standard music production software. It’s got some game changing features in it when compared to older versions of the software, including the ability to run it with third party audio interfaces and as a standalone piece of software without any interface at all. You do need to have the serial number and information from your audio interface to run it however, so it’s not like you can have no interface at all. You can download it straight from Avid’s site or get a boxed version.

VIDEO: Avid Pro Tools 9 + Mbox Pro Audio Interface Music System

Only at Sweetwater! ✅ 0% Financing and ✅ FREE Shipping for your Avid Pro Tools 9 Full Version Boxed!. Today Avid has taken an unusual step by emailing Pro Tools Users with an email titled ALERT: Pro Tools and macOS Mojave. Here is. Pro Tools redefined the music, film, and TV industry, providing everything you need to compose, record, edit, and mix audio—in the studio or in the cloud, from .

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