A Clean Mac Is A Happy Mac: CleanMyMac X Review

The graphics are a lot sleeker and the interface feels more updated. In addition, the menu bar at the top is much more detailed with graphics instead of just the color progress bar. If you have multiple devices in your home, you have the option to add more licenses for a fraction of the cost of 1 license. So, a small business or family of Mac users would save a lot buy getting the 5 licenses bundle.
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It seems a little weird writing a CleanMyMac review on a site for photographers. The truth is though, CleanMyMac is so generically useful to anyone who owns a Mac computer, that it would be a shame not to introduce it to everyone who reads this site! Shooting digitally, we are tied to our computers whether we like it or not. Our digital files seem to be getting bigger and bigger, eating up our hard drive space. Many of us have switched to solid state flash drives due to the huge increase in performance, but prices remain high, especially when pre-installed in Mac desktops and laptops.

Needless to say, our hard drive space is precious. I coughed up the money for CleanMyMac , recovered 32gb of hard drive space, and found that my Macbook actually started running faster! Apps like Mail and iPhoto which create huge amounts of temporary files in the background now opened quicker and felt much snappier. Even though this is a review of CleanMyMac , it really is just one long-winded recommendation.

Just download it for free here , run it on your Mac and see how much space you can recover. My Macbook Pro has 1 Terabyte of flash storage. What does CleanMyMac Remove?

I can choose whether I want them removed or not by CleanMyMac. System Junk — Outdated cache files, old logs, extra application binaries, unused language files, broken app data.

Photo Junk — this is an eye opener for anyone who uses iPhoto. Did you know that iPhoto keeps a temporary version of every single edit you make to a photo?! This quickly adds up to a bunch of hard drive clogging files. CleanMyMac will zap them all, and make your Mail app run much smoother. Trash Bins — yes, you can empty your desktop trash bin yourself, but did you know the Mail app and iPhoto also have trash bins?

CleanMyMac will empty them all. I have zero music in my iTunes, but still CleanMyMac found all this crap to remove. I rarely use iTunes, but it still seems to accumulate a tonne of crap. I usually quickly review these and zap them all. What else can CleanMyMac do? CleanMyMac also includes some useful utilities that you can choose to run occasionally. These include: Uninstaller — Here you can choose to safely uninstall any app from your Mac.

Maintenance — this includes a number of system optimisations, including running maintenance scripts, flushing DNS caches, rebuilding of stuff, speeding up stuff… Basically keeping your Mac running like a boss. Privacy — instantly remove your porn browsing history, along with traces of your online and offline activity. Extensions — this is a cool one. It removes all those plugins and extensions you installed long ago but have forgotten about.

Maybe a good one for any financial docs you want to get rid of. When using Lightroom or Photoshop and it starts to crawl, one way I try and free up some RAM is to close other applications, such as my browser if I have a lot of tabs open. You can also run the RAM freeing utility from here too. We all buy expensive hardware, then moan about having to pay for software. If you own a Mac, click here to download a free trial copy of CleanMyMac right now.

Then leave us a comment below to let us know how much CleanMyMac saved you ;- Disclaimer: I paid full price for my own copy of CleanMyMac in October and whole-heartedly recommend it. Any commission earned helps pay for the running of Shotkit and my time invested into creating posts such as this. Thank you for your support!

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Why Trust Me? JP previously reviewed CleanMyMac 3. Read on for the details! Here are a few phrases the MacPaw website use describes the app:

VIDEO: MacPaw Releases a Redesigned and Updated CleanMyMac X

Are you looking for an honest CleanMyMac X review? CleanMyMac X is a great buy for any Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or iMac owner. CleanMyMac 3 is the newest version of MacPaw’s OS X maintenance suite. Check out our review to find out if this type of software is right for. DO NOT BUY CLEANMYMAC X! It destroyed my computer. I used the other versions for years. Bought CMMX ($60) right when it came out, ran.

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