How to Create PIP Videos in Camtasia

May 28, by Anna 4 Comments Video editing is one of the first skills that new YouTubers have to learn. However, while iMovie or Windows Movie Maker might be good programs for editing your first few videos, you probably want to look for more professional editing software in the long term. So what should you consider when you make your pick? Operating systems and hardware requirements. Operating systems Not all video editing software on this list is available for all operating systems.
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What is Camtasia Studio Camtasia is a program by Techsmith that features two main products in one. It comes with a screen capture tool as well as a video editor, both available on Windows PC and Mac platforms. It is the perfect way to build an interactive and professional video which can serve a wide range of applications and projects.

Best Camtasia Alternative Camtasia studio is considered to be professional tools and this means that the software is quite complex. If you are searching for an option that could deliver some of the same results but for a budget friendly price, Wondershare Filmora represents one of the best current alternatives to using Camtasia.

Wondershare Filmora offers a two in one screen recording tool as well as a full-featured editor. It offers a lot of the same features that you can get out of Camtasia but the price is extremely user-friendly. The program itself is also considered to be a lot less complex. The screen recording feature makes it simple to record almost any item on your desktop and you can use the program as an HD movie downloader, YouTube capture tool, Skype capture tool and more.

You can record video lessons, extract videos from YouTube and capture high-quality video on almost any desktop device. As a full-featured video editing module, you can make sure that even the best in demanding users will be able to access a robust group of tools and the video editor also has a learning curve which is significantly easier.

The tools on board include the option for premade filters, animated titles, transitions and more. You can use special effects like slow motion, Mosaic, green screen and more.

The program makes it easy for you to try out features before you buy them. Even a beginner is able to produce informative videos without having to spend hours learning the platform. How to Do Green Screen in Filmora? It can be very easy to use chroma key effects with your green screen footage and replace it with your own background using this program. To get started: Download and install the program in its trial version.

Import your green screen footage to the media Library and then drag it along to the PIP track on your timeline. Begin by moving your cursor over the green screen clip and right clicking on it. Choose the green screen option from the drop-down menu and enter into the editing interface. Additional settings can also be added for Borders, shadows and more.

You can also rotate the green screen clip with the flipping option to create new effects. When you have finished editing the green screen parts you can go to the media Library in import background clips. Drag the background clip into the video track on the timeline and you can see that the background clip will appear in the transparent points within the main video. How to Use Green Screen in Camtasia If you want to produce the green screen effect in Camtasia there are a few step-by-step features that you can do to isolate the green color and produce this effect.

Begin by installing the program and launching the Camtasia editor. You can import green screen footage to Camtasia and then begin populating the timelines. After you have your video clips picked out, go to the left column toolbar and pick out your visual effects.

Drag the remove a color effect from the tools panel into the timeline. After dragging this effect onto the timeline you can open up the properties panel and choose the color picker to remove a specific color from the foreground image. You may have to try different areas of the video before you can pick the right color tone. Fine tuning by adjusting some of the visual sliders will help you to get your tolerance right for the tints and shades on colors removed.

You can also use softest features to smooth out pixilation and rough edges of color that could be left. Defringing can help to make any remaining colors look less noticeable. The hue can also help you to better color matched the background and the foreground video images so that they can be closer to the same shades and lighting. Invert tools can also be very helpful for removing all colors except for one specific color that you removed.

This can lead to stylized or colorized clips that are always done in one shade. Adding the new background: Adding a second track below your edited clip will help you project that track into the colored areas that you would like replaced.

You can then use a preview button in the video to make sure that the end results are what you want. You may also like:

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Camtasia Studio 8 Overview & Tutorial. TechSmith’s Camtasia Studio 8 is a video editing studio that’s available both for PC and Mac. Camtasia offers a selection. Home >; Tutorials >; Creating Your Own Captions YouTube offers a free captioning service that automatically creates captions for your video, which makes it a good place to begin if You can also create captions using Camtasia Studio. Camtasia’s roots are in screen recording, but the Camtasia Studio 7 package adds a good quality HD MP4 files you can upload or publish directly to YouTube.

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