Reset Windows 8.1 password with the free tool ntpasswd

He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated December 17, First things first: We’re told over and over again to make longer and more complicated passwords to help keep our data secure, which makes them harder and harder to remember. Who are we trying to keep out here? Most of these tips work exactly the same way for Windows 10, some work on all versions of Windows and some will apply to any forgotten password.
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Top 5 Options to Reset Login Password in Windows 8.1

Method 1: How to Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Password for Free When you setup a Windows 8 computer, you have to add a Microsoft account to unlock more features on the system. This is much different from Windows 7 or Windows So if you are using Microsoft account as the default account type for your Windows 8 login, then resetting the password of your Microsoft account can easily resolve this issue.

Follow this procedure to reset your Microsoft account password. After that, you can use the new password for login. Step 1: Please go to Microsoft account reset page here with a web browser. Step 2: Now, enter the email or the phone number that is linked with your Microsoft account and click next. Step 3: Input the Microsoft email or phone number and hit “next”.

Select how you would like to receive the one time security code and click “next”. Step 4: Select the email or phone number in which you want to receive the one time security code. Step 5: Enter the security code upon asking and click next. Set up a new password for your Microsoft account and write it on a piece of paper. Restart the locked PC and enter the new password to login into your computer.

This part is only eligible for those who has Microsoft account as their default Administrator account in Windows 8. If you used local administrator password then this part won’t even work for you. In that scenario, you should use a third party program to completely bypass the Windows 8 login screen which will explain in the next method.

Method 2: It is very fast only takes 3 minutes to recover password and all the users can use this tool freely as there is no special technical skill required. Not only it recover the forgotten Windows 8 password, it completely removes it from the login screen and let you enter into your PC without entering any password at all.

It works in all Windows computers including Windows 10, 8, 7, , XP, etc. So without waiting any further, let us explain how to use this program.

Solution 1. Bypass Windows 8/8.1 Admin Password with Command Prompt

He writes troubleshooting content and is the General Manager of Lifewire. Updated September 27, You can reset your Windows 8 password, and the “hack” outlined below is harmless and works very well, though it’s not exactly Microsoft-sanctioned. Ideally, you’d use a Windows 8 password reset disk to reset your Windows 8 password. Unfortunately, the only way to use one of those is if you had the forethought to create one before forgetting your password! I recommend you make one as soon as you get back in see Step 10 below. The Windows 8 password reset trick below only works if you’re using a local account.

VIDEO: How to Reset/Recover Forgotten Windows 8 Password without Disk

First things first: don’t be embarrassed that you forgot your Windows 8 password. We’re told over and over again to make longer and more. If you have created a password reset disk with USB on the. Can’t access your Windows 8/ computer because you just forgot or lost the password? No worries. Follow this guide carefully, then you can.

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