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Into the Depths of Shabbos: You look to your right and see a fellow passenger. Attempting to be friendly, you kindly ask him where he is heading.
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The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse, Report this post. In the aftermath of the terrorist shooting at a bus stop in Ofra, nine people were shot, including a young husband and wife, pregnant with their first child. Doctors were able to prematurely deliver the child, a boy, at 30 weeks, but only three days later, baby Amiad succumbed.

Hamas praised the shooters. Days later, terrorists struck again at another bus stop only a few miles from where the first attack had taken place. In the aftermath of this week, 10, joined in the weekly Friday protest in Gaza; clashes ensued. Among those injured was a four-year-old child. Ahmed Abu Amed, who later died from his wounds.

His parents buried him and his community mourned. Here in the United States, a 7-year-old girl, Jakelin Caal, died from dehydration while in custody of border agents. She and her family, from a poor village in Guatemala, were trying to build a better future.

The thought of losing a child that young is beyond difficult to contemplate. Her family says she suffered from racist bullying in school all year. I cannot imagine the pain she must have felt that would drive her to something that final, let alone what her family is going through now. There are political implications to each and every story here, and I am not comparing them in any way. I only want to focus on how painful loss is. No parent should ever bury a child. And I am sorry.

I can only imagine the pain you feel, the loss you are experiencing. And I ache with you. I am not even sure how to take that depth of grief and transform it into something else. But I do understand compassion. If we cannot change their circumstances, can we at least agree that we live in a world where there is too much pain?

Your time. Your money. Whatever it is that you can do, do it. Be compassionate. Find a way to make this world a less painful place for others. As a mother and a citizen of this world, I thank you. About the Author Born in Brooklyn and raised on Lawn Guyland, Wendy lived in Jerusalem for over a decade submerged in Israeli culture; she has been soaked in Southern life in metro Atlanta since returning to the U.

Recently remarried, this Ashkenazi mom of three Mizrahi sons, 26, 23 and 19, splits her time between managing knowledge in corporate America, pursuing a dual masters in public administration and integrated global communications, blogging, relentlessly Facebooking, once-in-a-while veejaying, enjoying the arts and digging out of the post-move carton chaos of her and her husband’s melded household.

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VIDEO: This heartbreakingly dangerous world for children

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