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Excel Password Recovery

Aseem Kishore , Twitter: Or has someone left your office and they forgot to unlock an Excel workbook with a password set on it? However, you still have to be able to open the file itself. If this is your case, download the add-in and double-click on it. Of course, enable it. Then go ahead and open the Excel workbook that has the password on it that you would like to get rid of. Note that you can also open the workbook first and then double-click on the add-on to get the new menu options.

I created a test workbook and protected both the sheet and the workbook with a simple password at first. The program worked perfectly and it removed the protection very quickly! However, I decided to see how well it worked with a fairly complex password set to the workbook! I used 9 character password that had a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and a symbol to put the Excel password remover to the test and I was quite surprised that it actually managed to crack it after about 2 minutes!

Not bad at all! I also used a 17 character password that has numbers and symbols and it was cracked in about 5 seconds. Unfortunately, the password is only as safe as the amount of encryption used to store the password.

The encryption is weak in Excel and therefore passwords can be easily cracked no matter how complicated or how long they are. Unprotect sheet, Unprotect workbook and Unprotect all. The last one is for the PRO version only , which you have to pay for. You can purchase those here. For Excel and earlier, the password to open the file can be cracked instantly. Not only that, but you can specify a directory and the program will scan all Excel files in the directory, find all passwords in each document and crack them for you.

Like I mentioned earlier, though, this program can crack any password associated with an Excel or earlier file no matter how long or how complicated it is. It can remove Excel passwords all the way up to Excel This program also works up to Excel , the latest version of Excel.

In addition, it also has methods for attempting to crack an open file password for Excel and above. The program has 9 built-in dictionaries for performing brute-force attacks, though you should know that the program will only be able to check about to passwords per second on an average PC. This may sound like a lot, but for a very complex password, it means the program may never be able to crack the password. Again, this is only for the open file password on Excel and above.

It also supports multilingual passwords. Pricing varies by site and which options you choose.

Option 2. Crack Excel 2016 Workbook Modify Password by Saving As A New Document

Follow MichaelEric As we know, Excel data security is significantly important because commonly our Excel contains sensitive information related to our personal and professional life. For those who did not realize this issue, I will show you some tips on how to protect your Excel data by creating password to prevent other Excel password cracker and how to crack Excel password if you lost or forgot yours. Different versions of Excel program have different interfaces, so here we take Excel for example. Part I: How to prevent your Excel from opening Step 1: Open the Excel workbook you would like to add a password to.

VIDEO: Ultimate way to Crack Excel Password by Using of PDS Excel Password Cracker

Want to know how to crack Excel password? This article explains top 3 different methods of cracking Excel passwords. Most of the people who work with Spreadsheets generally use a password protection. It is a very intricate document and it is for everyone who. 17 Tháng Năm Tải Office 32 bit bit Full Crack + Hướng dẫn cài đặt chi tiết. gồm các chương trình ứng dụng như: Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.

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