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Many of the panes can also be adjusted in both size and their location. When needed, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Setting menu. Import Project will append an existing project into the current project — usually with resulting naming and renumbering issues.
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Many of the panes can also be adjusted in both size and their location. When needed, you can reset these settings by selecting the Reset layout under the Setting menu.

Import Project will append an existing project into the current project — usually with resulting naming and renumbering issues. As such, it is recommended to import individual pages if required.

Clear Recent Projects will clear the Project filenames in the Recent projects pane — it will not delete any of the files from the hard drive. Two other useful folder shortcuts are included here: Open Build Folder and Backup Dir. TFT file in the C: Open Build Folder will open this folder in Windows Explorer.

Backup Dir will open this folder in Windows Explorer. Any project containing components that output a. The Font Creator is included as a convenient way to generate a font quickly, though arguably not the best quality. Settings Menu Here, a user can change a few Editor Setting by selecting Setting, or reset their Editor style layout selecting Reset layout. Check for new version will use the Internet to check for a new version.

If a new version is available, you will get an Update dialog. There are two versions of the Nextion Editor: The EXE version will install in the Program Files x86 folder and take care automatically for file associations.

The ZIP version can be downloaded and extracted into any folder of choice and then run directly from this folder. Here the ZIP version can be downloaded. Selecting Remind me next time will close the Update dialog without any updates and continue with the current version. When the version is the latest and most current version, users will see: New Message menuitem has no current function at the moment. Compile Use Compile to rebuild the currently loaded project.

TFT file will be zero bytes. TFT to the Nextion. Pay attention to any warnings as these will mean your project may not run as you expect.

Pay attention to any error messages as they will need to be corrected before continuing. Error messages are descriptive, and if it is a code error then the user can click to jump directly to the coding error location. Compile is more of a build and assembly process. Nextion remains closed source. To be clear this is not a precision emulator and is intended to be sufficient to assist in debugging a users project.

It in no way is meant to replicate the Nextion device exactly. Any Windows OS is sufficient to make such precision unattainable. This will be covered in a future section. TFT file directly. This is handy for loading demos or sharing ideas without surrendering your code. TFT file. Upload Selecting Upload will launch the upload dialog. A better choice is to select the correct Port and Baud Rate. Proper configuration of Serial adapters, Windows drivers, device conflicts, etc is beyond the scope of Nextion support and the domain of user responsibility to know their used Operating System and devices.

Once Nextion has responded to the connect command, the upload process will begin. Do not interrupt this process until completed. If the process has been interrupted, resetting the serial port may be required. TFT file has been uploaded and uploading over serial is no longer an option, then the user will need to upload via the microSD method.

When you need to make changes, Device will launch the following window with the Device tab selected. First select the Nextion Series: Basic for the T models, and Enhanced for the K models. Then select the Nextion Model.

Character Encoding is default iso Select from the character encodings that make sense for your HMI project to best display your local character sets. There are a selection of single byte and double byte character sets available. Unicode and UTF will not be among the supported encodings. Currently supported Character encodings include: If an existing password exists, it will need be entered before a new password can be set. When a Password is lost, it is not retrievable. Fair warning is given: There is no recovery!

A project with a lost password would need to be rebuilt — So, do not lose — or do not use. ID Selecting ID to will toggle if the component. Yellow labelled components have a. Event code is never global. When selecting multiple components, green labelled components indicate multiple components have been selected, while the one blue labelled component will be used as the baseline component.

To change the baseline component while the group is still active, simply click on the already selected component you want to become the baseline component. Bring Top Arrow Up will take the selected component s and renumber to the highest. Bring Bottom Arrow Down will take the selected component s and renumber to the lowest starting at 1, page component is always 0.

For Aligning components: For Resizing components: For Spacing components: Insert will add the imported pictures before the highlighted picture.

Using Trash will delete all pictures within the project. Note that Delete will not delete a picture resource if it is being used with a component. When importing a picture, the picture is converted into the 16 bit color format used by Nextion. Nextion is not a graphics card, as such transparency and in picture animation is not supported.

In native bit color, picture resources consume 16 bits per pixel, or width x height x 2 bytes. Exporting a picture resource is accessed by highlighting a the picture resource, right clicking and selecting Export. Once the data is lost, it is lost. When using cropping, a full screen image is strongly recommended for the background. This avoids pulling data from non-existent space — which will resemble randomized colors data from other locations.

Cropping can consume more cycles than using a picture, using a picture will consume more cycles than solid colors. When cycle time becomes to high to render, tearing and flickering will be the sign. Nextion is an HMI device and not designed for multi-media and streaming. That said, amazing effects can still be achieved with purposeful programming.

Assignment of the picture by code at runtime would look like: If a user wants to use various size of styled fonts in their HMI project, they will need to generate a ZI Font file for each style and size they will use. For most users this will mean starting with a ZI Font generated with the built-in Font Creator covered in the Menu section above. Note that the design size of the visual component is set at design time and can not be changed at runtime.

Assignment of the font by code at runtime would look like: Properly formed ZI font resources will have a height that is either equal to the width or a height that is double the width.

Height will always be a multiple of 8 from 16 to ZI fonts are monobit pixel is either on or off and Fixed Width. Fonts that do not conform to the ZI size formula just stated will indeed have issues when it is rendered on the Nextion device. A ZI font resource can be viewed by selecting the font and pressing Preview. A font must not be associated to a component to remove with Delete.

A font can be swapped out with a different font using Replace. Insert will import the font before the highlighted font. Insert will create a new page before the highlighted page. Using Trash will delete all pages within the project. Pages can be renamed to a maximum of 14 characters and the page names are case sensitive. To rename your page highlight the page, right click.

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It allows graphics designers to produce own designs from font styling, signatures and logos. This software will allow you to add missing characters. FontCreator registration code allows you to work with humorous sans serif, tines new roman and Calibri. This tool has a quiet user-friendly interference. You can open and edit your fonts easily.

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High-logic Fontcreator Pro is an application that it is possible to utilize to produce baptistère to your preference as well as modify TrueType as. FontCreator 10 Professional Edition Crack Keygen is an advanced font editor software for creating, editing, and converting TrueType. A searchable archive of typographic design, indexed by typeface, format, and topic.

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