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Part 3: DRM Part 1: It is the practice of imposing technological restrictions that control what users can do with digital media. When a program is designed to prevent you from copying or sharing a song, reading an eBook on another device, or playing a single-player game without an Internet connection, you are being restricted by DRM. DRM protection policy has been applied in multiple areas, like computer games, documents, eBooks, film, music, television, etc.
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Top 8 Best DRM Removal Freeware That You Need to Try

Sometimes, DRM really makes users feel frustrated because DRM prevent the users to enjoy their purchased, rental or subscribed contents on any devices they own. Actually, DRM technology is widely used, not only by Apple on iTunes multimedia, but also by Amazon, Microsoft, Sony and many comapanies on videos, songs, books, games, software programs and other aspects. DRM restricts the users to play the contents on specific devices only.

Because of the inconvenience, many users look for either free or paid DRM removal software to solve their problems. In this article, we will introduce top 4 DRM removal freeware for you.

You can check whether they can work on your computer and meet your requirements. Meanwhile, we also provide paid programs as alternatives as the free DRM removal software may be outdated and unusable. Requiem will automatically detect any DRM protected files including videos, music and books in iTunes library, simply decrypt the files and remove DRM without re-encoding unlike some so-called DRM removal software using screen recording or audio recording.

Requiem will also move the converted DRM files to trash. You can directly click the link we provide here to download Requiem for Windows , Requiem for Mac and its source code from Digiex Forum. However, Requiem lost the game during the long run with Apple. The latest version of this free DRM removal software remained at 4. Requiem was permanently stopped development.

If you still want to use Requiem, you need to downgrade iTunes to As to Apple Music, iTunes Outdated interface and software development was permanently stopped Not compatible with iTunes 11 or later Not compatible with Windows 10 or Mac OS X Alternative Software: M4V Converter Plus can help you convert purchased or rental iTunes M4V videos to MP4 with multilingual subtitles, audio tracks, audio descriptions, closed captions and Dolby 5.

Latest verion of iTunes will be always supported. NET Framework 2. Besides, you can only use it on Windows and there is no Mac version. Actually, the program has been abandoned. Windows version only, no Mac version Only MP3 output format in free version, there was a paid version but it won’t work neither.

The most advantage of Calibre is the program is still under development. On September 3, , Calibre V3. Hopefully fixes the problem with KFX and the stand-alone tools”. Visit Epubor official website to learn more. FairUse4WM is also outdated and the latest version is 1. You can click to download FairUse4WM 1. And output video quality is not so good. There are many reasons. One is that DRM protection technology will be upgraded time and time, the developers have to spend time and energy to find out a way to deal with it.

The exception in the list above is Calibre, however, you can see Calibre accepts donation and there are also advertisement on its website. Still want professional DRM removal software for free? Then you should never miss the chance to get free license from TuneMobie. Related Products.

Get rid of DRM legally so you can listen to great sounding tunes

In addition to downloading, it offers the option for you to record the songs from Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora and other streaming sites. By default, it will save the Apple Music songs in MP3 format. And as a music manager, it allows you to transfer the downloaded or recorded audios to iPhone, iTunes, Android, Mac and PC. What makes this software standing out of similar products is its extreme clear user interface and the lossless quality it preserves in output songs.

VIDEO: How to Remove DRM from Apple Music Completely

Ultimate streaming audio solution to bypass DRM from Apple Music, iTunes M4P and Convert DRM and DRM-free Audios to MP3, FLAC, M4A, M4B, WAV. Apple music is drm protected, with Free Apple Music Converter for Windows, you can convert Apple music.m4p files) to drm-free MP3, AAC, M4B, M4A, WAV. Easily convert Apple Music, old iTunes M4P songs & audiobooks to MP3 or Users can enjoy the DRM-free files on any media device without any interruptions.

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