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Many reputable free antivirus programs are equally effective as paid ones, and avast! Free Antivirus stands with the best Windows antivirus programs. Read More. The company is looking beyond protection now with the launch of Avast Grimefighter , a new tool to clean up and safeguard your Windows PC. Avast claims that what sets Grimefighter apart from the rest is how easy it is to use.
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Avast: Grimefighter launch flop

Very little has changed, overall, except for the branding. One place you will notice a difference is pricing. Note that if you have avast! Free Antivirus already, GrimeFighter installs as an add-on.

My Avast contact noted that getting that translation right was quite a chore, because much of the interface uses colloquialisms that don’t translate well. Even some of the minion names had to change. For example, “Dale Jumpshot, Jr.

One warning for cutting-edge Windows users; if you’ve upgraded to Windows 8 or 8. Windows 8. GrimeFighter Scan Anybody can download GrimeFighter and launch a free system scan that will look for malware and for system areas that need optimization.

However, in order to proceed to the actual cleanup you must buy a license. Underneath all the jolly minions, GrimeFighter is actually a Linux-based bootable antivirus and optimization system. When you click Optimize My PC, GrimeFighter configures the system to boot into its own operating system and then forces a reboot.

Don’t worry; you won’t see a trace of Linux. During the boot process, GrimeFighter claims that it’s “sedating your PC” in order to operate on it. The scan itself can take an hour or two, and of course you can’t use your Windows-based programs while it’s running. However, GrimeFighter includes a built-in browser, so you can at least surf the Internet. During the scan you can also review the life stories of the various minions, if you’re so inclined. At the end of the scan, you can click Review and Edit Changes for a view of what’s going to be cleaned.

That’s a handy addition, something not offered by the original Jumpshot. Then click Clean My System to finish the cleanup process. Once cleaning is complete, Officer Pete, the head minion, summarizes just what the program did to help your system’s Security, Performance, and Privacy. Click on any of the three areas to get more detail, delivered in narrative form by the various minions. For example, Kobayashi, the antivirus ninja, might report, “It’s a good thing you called on me, because I found and killed 3 malicious applications.

They do serve to measure how much work the scan had to do, and a scan that reveals a new threat for the program’s database gets an extra dash of karma. Jumpshot users could log in to an online portal for a full history of all scans associated with their accounts. That feature isn’t available with GrimeFighter, but the developers say it’s “on our roadmap. However, if it does do any collateral damage you can completely undo the previous session. All you need to do is run the program again and click the Undo All Changes link.

When I tested Jumpshot on systems infested with live malware, I found this quite useful.

Avast GrimeFighter Pricing/Licensing

GrimeFighter free scan is available in all Avast antivirus solutions, Free Antivirus including. You should get the following screen with the scan results. For making up more free space it scans for redundant files on your hard-drive. You can download the free scan tool from the official Avast website or click on the button below. Which is on the other quite cheap if you consider how great and useful this product is.

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Avast GrimeFighter is a free scan tool that can help to eliminate some undesirable elements from your PC. GrimeFighter is a sophisticated Linux-based antivirus and optimization tool. Free Antivirus already, GrimeFighter installs as an add-on. When you click Optimize My PC, GrimeFighter configures the system to boot. I have done an Avast scan and the results are that it has found evidence of Grime in on my pc, System Settings and unnecessary apps. Is grime.

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