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Choose your format: This is a guide to save you time on the 60CSX. Before we get to the good stuff, I’d like to point out that in a perfect world you would not be reading this.
garmin unlock utility

Garmin 60CSX GPS: The Best Tricks

Choose your format: This is a guide to save you time on the 60CSX. Before we get to the good stuff, I’d like to point out that in a perfect world you would not be reading this. You would turn on your 60CSX and you’d be able to do all the things you expect to do with a well-designed GPS, such as transfer multiple maps through an intuitive interface.

But you’re here, so you already know a thing or two about Garmin. Yes, it’s an amazing company. On the one hand it makes products that many people love to use for the features that do work. On the other hand, it makes design choices that waste hours and hours of many people’s time, adding up to a cost that might range somewhere in the hundreds of millions. If you’ve used Mapsource, you know what I’m talking about. And on the hardware side, Garmin is the most stingy consumer electronics company I know.

It chronically skimps on essential features and components. For instance, it leaves obsolete products on the market for years and years and years. As I write, you can still buy the basic yellow Etrex. I remember when I upgraded from that unit to the blue Etrex Legend, back in How much memory did Garmin ship with the Legend? Eight megabytes! And could you transfer maps via USB, the standard already for many years? No, you had to use a Serial port at one tenth of the speed One word for Garmin: I love the 60CSX.

But I don’t love how long it takes to zoom in and out of a map. Would it break Garmin’s bottom line to use a chip that can honorably provide this basic function? It would probably bump up the unit cost by something like 94 cents.

And why can’t we upload maps that have no tile limit, instead of the skimpy Garmin lets us have? Hello Garmin, it’s not , we can do these things nowadays. And why doesn’t the unit let us switch to a different mapset without having us connect to a computer and rename the files on the card? Somewhere at Garmin, an engineer probably wrote that basic firmware upgrade for himself long ago. But you know the rant.

It’s here less for you than in the hope that someday Garmin will start respecting their customers. It took me many days and nights to understand certain aspects of the 60CSX.

Hoping to spare other people that ordeal, in the ebook I share what I gradually learned. Certain aspects will apply to other Garmin units besides the 60CSX.

What makes it possible is thousands of people who visit the internet and share their experience on newsgroups and websites such as forums and blogs. The places where I have learned bits of information that made it into this ebook are too many to mention, but many are linked in context in later sections.

Nevertheless, two sources stand out for the dedication of their members and for their concentration of “GPS intelligence”: Deep gratitude to everyone who contributes to making the internet such a treasure trove of useful information… My own website, A Site About Nothing, proceeds largely from my desire to give back to the internet, from which I take so much, by contributing information on subjects as diverse as the Kindle , the most useful knots , movies that make you laugh and the Southern accent , to name just a few.

A Word of Caution Some of the procedures in this guide may possibly break the licenses granted to you by Garmin and other parties for software, maps and electronic devices. I don’t know. If you follow some of the information presented here, you do so at your own risk. How to Unselect Multiple Map Tiles in Mapsource So you thought you were in the zoom tool and you’ve dragged your mouse across your map.

But you were in the Tile selection tool, and now your whole map is pink. You try to deselect, but all you can do is click the tiles one by one, all of them! Arrgh, isn’t there a faster way? There is! Press “Ctrl” while you drag across the maps you want to deselect. I am using firmware version 4. I have read that large cards have been working since firmware version 3. What changed as of 3. However, Garmin still limits you to map tiles, so you’re unlikely to have a map that large.

Before attempting a transfer in Mapsource, do yourself a favor and count the number of tiles: It will say something like ” Map s – MB”. Although the card says 16GB, the true capacity is That will hold a lot of maps but I am not sure this is the best strategy, because the 60CSX interface does not let you switch directly between map files see “Multiple Maps” below. As long as you have access to a computer, this is not a problem. However, I am starting to think that the most elegant solution might be to carry a collection of smaller cards MB to 4GB , each with a single map file the “gmapsupp.

A word of caution about fast cards class 4 and above: Garmin warns against the Sandisk “Ultra” series. I’ve read a report that the 60CSX fries these cards. However, I’ve also read reports from users who use Kingston’s class 4 cards without issues.

Perhaps Garmin’s warning no longer applies since recent card-related firmware upgrades? Would the Sandisk Extreme class 6 get toasted? I don’t know, but class 2 is fast enough for me, and it’s way cheaper. As I understand, the speed benefits of class 4 and above would be felt while transfering files to the unit, not in the unit itself, where the limit is Garmin’s chip, which can slow down to a crunch when zooming in and out of large maps.

Can you upload the files separately to the 60CSX and give them different names, as on some Garmin units, such as gmapsupp. The answer is no. Am I sure? So does that mean no? Yes, it’s a “no”. Forget it. Sorry everyone, the 60CSX can only use one “img” file at a time.

Thank you Garmin. You’d imagine that this would be a simple thing to fix in firmware upgrades. My feeling: But there is good news. Before we get into this, let us state for the record that the one and only active map file that the 60CSX will use is called gmapsupp. It is located in the Garmin folder, in the root of the SD card. Forget about other kinds of files, like “unl” files, they are for other models.

Now the good news. It is that you can store multiple mapsets on the card. Upload a mapset to the card via Mapsource. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all the maps you want to load on the card.

With a large card, you should be able to store all your maps. Rename the map you actually want to use to “gmapsupp. Whenever you need to switch maps, you just need to rename files. First, rename the current gmapsupp. Next, rename the file you want to use to gmapsupp. How to rename a file? There is no direct way to do so on the GPS unit. Some people remove the SD card, pop it into their cell phone, and rename it from the cell phone interface.

A second method is to take out the SD card and plug it straight into your computer. The benefit of storing mapsets on the card is that you don’t need to use Mapsource again to generate those mapsets. As you know, it can take hours to generate and transfer a large mapset.

So once you have a good mapset, rename the file and store it. If your card is too small, you can back it up to your hard drive or to a DVD, and transfer it again when you need it.

The fastest way to transfer files is to take the SD card out and pop it into your laptop’s card reader. But if you’re not in a rush and prefer not to mess with the card all the time, switch the GPS to USB mode see instructions above ; it should only take about twice as long. The first time you transfer a mapset to the device, do yourself a favor and use Mapsource only. You can try to generate the img files using other software, but more than likely you will waste a lot of time trying to do so.

The Mapsource-generated gmapsupp.


GPS is very impressive but scary at the same time because the satellites can actually track where I am. I do have some experience with GPS because I borrowed from my friend a few times and managed to know how to find a location, updating the unit software and also looking for the latest maps. The menu on the GPS unit is pretty straight forward and easy to understand but the technical part such as putting more than one gmapsupp. I found out that MapSource, a software provided by Garmin is able to create, view and edit waypoints, routes and tracks as well as to find items, addresses and POIs. When I tried to install, I got the error message: Previous MapSource not found! Setup will terminate.

VIDEO: Download MapSource from Garmin and Install Without CD

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