How to Password Protect SMS/Text Message Threads on Android

Added sponsored messages and other restrictions to the free version. Our Review: Among the useful features, Private Box is a great helper which you don’t usually find in other SMS apps to suit your privacy needs.
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5 Useful Android Apps to Lock Down Your Text Messages And Images

Whether you are looking to keep your information private from a snooping coworker or a nosey boyfriend or girlfriend, there are apps to help. The problem is, some of the apps are just plain awful.

What I will go over today are some good apps to use for keeping texts and images from being easily accessed. Some of the apps in this list have some built in functionality for just such a task. Others may need to be unlocked by purchasing the pro version. Others yet are made specifically for hiding SMS messages or images from any prying eyes. In fact, it is the one I have used off and on for couple of years.

In a nutshell, you can take a contact, a potential employer for example, and place them in your private inbox. If they send you a text message, you will need to unlock the message before it can be read. What I like here is the ability to rename the SMS vault inbox to something a little less conspicuous.

This is a good option for locking individual Android apps for better privacy. Think about how often you leave your phone or tablet on your desk or in your car or backpack unattended. Are your work text messages or images you take with your work camera confidential? No reason for you to have information leaked just because you set your phone down. Now Vault has evolved into more of a privacy control center. With the free version, you can encrypt your images, you can also encrypt a limited number of text messages too.

A feature I really thought could be helpful is the option to link your Facebook account and encrypt your Facebook messages. Opening Secrets is done by going to your phone dialer and typing the default and pressing send. You will be prompted to enter a code then you can see your hidden files.

Having an app for just your images can be nice, especially when you might have taken or received some images you might not want anyone to know about. Hiding the messages is as simple as long pressing the message and opting to move the message to the hidden inbox.

When a new message arrives, You will see an inconspicuous message in your notification bar saying KeepSafe updated. When hiding a current thread, the app may not move your images over. Conclusion People have many different reasons for wanting to keep their communications private. The above apps are there to help. I would recommend trying some of the all-in-one apps for an ease of use standpoint.

When you have too many apps on your phone for similar tasks, it can get confusing and could even slow down or cause conflicts with each other.

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Ashish Mundhra 26 May Over the months, we have talked about numerous apps that make your Android even better. However, I have realized lately that other than making calls, SMS is the next vital task cell phones are used for and we are yet to cover significant content on that front. We have already discussed how you can set up private box on Android in the past. Suppose you want to wish your friend on his birthday at midnight, or you might want to send a periodic reminder to someone. The facility to schedule an SMS can really come in handy in such situations. Again select New Schedule from the menu.


I want an app like GO SMS Pro from Android in iPhone which has I have to enter a password to read it and it is stored at separate place other. a my touch and i downloaded the GO sms messaging and i set up a number lock password for .. “How do you change your password on the app go sms pro. When the phone receives Cerberus sms command (f.e. cerberus “password” lock ), there is notification in Go SMS and the message is shown.

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