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Live 9 Standard version 9. It is the ancestor of the Japanese Koto and several other zither-like instruments found across East Asia. The modern Guzheng typically has 21 strings over movable bridges, and steel strings wound with nylon, although ancient instruments used silk strings. The strings are mounted on a large resonant half-tube box made of wu-tong wood, and the instrument is typically about 1.
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The modern guzheng commonly has 21 strings, is 64 inches 1. It has a large, resonant soundboard made from Paulownia. Other components are often made from other woods for structural or decorative reasons. Guzheng players often wear fingerpicks made from materials such as plastic, resin, tortoiseshell, or ivory on one or both hands.

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Orchestra Library. Freebies · Products · Home · Community · Tracks · About · Reviews · Order. News. Get GuZheng Classic, the best free GuZheng available!. The modern Gu Zheng is a Chinese plucked zither equipped with 21 strings and movable bridges. Basic playing styles include plucking at the right porti on and. TBT – Guzheng /// Also known as the Chinese zither, the Guzheng is a Chinese plucked I’m looking forward to a good VST that has one:).

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