Do You Always Play With FRAPS Turned On?

Three Easy Solutions to Record Steam Games Last updated on November 25, by Alice Wang Steam is an online based software distribution platform that delivers video games to its subscribers. Some may want to record game so that they can share it with their friends online. There are different ways on how to record Steam games.
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MichaelCrider March 31, , The relatively low resource usage and easy activation make it ideal for quickly starting and stopping the record function. Why Use Fraps? However, there is one caveat: The watermark that appears on video recorded by the free edition. Fraps is sort of a Goldilocks option in this very limited field: Fraps uses an idiot-proof system that records only a game window with no extra overlays or frills.

Press a button to start recording, press a button to stop recording. Is that enough to spend money for the upgrade? If not, give Fraps a try anyway—you might prefer it to other options, even with the time limit and watermark. Step One: Just double-click the. Step Two: Video Capture Hotkey is the keystroke that will begin and end a recording session.

This is pretty important: Video Capture Settings determine the framerate and size at which your video will record. The standard 30 frames per second is plenty for most gaming applications, like a walkthrough or a quick look at a neat feature. If you want your video to really pop, you can bump it up to 50 or 60 fps—just make sure that the video player or web host you intend to use can actually take advantage of the higher framerate.

Half-Size will chop the horizontal and vertical resolution in half for a smaller file size. Loop Buffer is a really cool feature: There are a few others that you can probably ignore. Step Three: Step Four: Step Five: Start Recording Once you have the options above chosen, all you need to do is start your game and press your capture hotkey to begin recording. Press it again to stop and create the video file, which will be saved to your chosen output folder.

This last part is quite handy if you want that perfect screenshot without having to constantly mash the button: The automatic recording will stop once you press the button again.

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If you are a Steam user, this is the most convenient way to show FPS in games. It is easy to enable in-game FPS counter in Steam: When you are playing a game, you usually see the FPS overlay on the location you choose. You may find Steam FPS counter can’t show the number on some games. From here, you can select a position of the screen to display FPS during gameplay. Beside FPS counter, GeForce Experience can improve your gaming experience by providing customized graphics settings for different games, changing saturation, HDR, and other visual elements to games with filters. Also, you can record gameplay with the program.

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Fraps doesn’t work MSI afterburner doesn’t seem to work either. Does Nvidia have something inside its control panel?. I have FRAPS installed but i cant get it to record X-Plane sounds! anyone else have I’ll dig into it a bit more and see how to activate recording. So i installed back my FRAPS software wich used to work really good that the software is recording the VDJ video (i set F9 to activate record).

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