What Are Torrents? How Torrent Works? — BitTorrenting 101

To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed , times. A Torrent simply put is a file shared between peers–there is no server involved. Files are transferred from distributors known as seeders to requesting clients known as leechers or peers. Note that uploading or seeding copyright-protected material is illegal in many countries.
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Torrent Sentence Examples

Torrent Sentence Examples She faced the windows, watching the torrent outside. Face of the Caucasus as a mountain torrent, but upon getting down to the lower-lying steppe country S. Several days of unseasonable melt had boiled the river to a noisy torrent of cascading water.

On a sharply sloping plateau, down which it courses as a mountain torrent, dropping 1, ft. Its mountains are insufficient in elevation and extent to attract their full share of the monsoon rains, which fall so abundantly on the Abyssinian highlands on the other side of the Red Sea; for this reason Arabia has neither lakes nor forests to control the water-supply and prevent its too rapid dissipation, and the rivers are mere torrent beds sweeping down occasionally in heavy floods, but otherwise dry.

After the overthrow of the Scottish accomplices in this notable project, Mary poured forth upon Elizabeth a torrent of pathetic and eloquent reproach for the many wrongs she had suffered at the hands of her hostess, and pledged her honour to the assurance that she now aspired to no kingdom but that of heaven. The general style of the epistle is vigorous and unpremeditated, “one continuous rush, a veritable torrent of genuine and inimitable Paulinism, like a mountain stream in full flood, such as may often have been seen by his Galatians” J.

Another argument is that of Professor von Morlot, based on a railway section through a conical accumulation of gravel and alluvium, which the torrent of the Tiniere has gradually built up where it enters the Lake of Geneva near Villeneuve. For nearly its entire length it is an impetuous torrent running through a succession of gorges. Outside the basins of these rivers and their bordering mountain systems there only remain to be considered the following: I The Mediterranean littoral strip the ancient Phoenicia , with a few torrent-like streams.

The court was surrounded with arcades, all of which constituted the prayer chamber, so that its plan is necessarily different to the normal type; the existing buildings date only from the first half of the 17th century, as the whole mosque was destroyed by a torrent in It is true that the use of glass for windows was only gradually extending itself at the time when Roman civilization sank under the torrent of German and Hunnish barbarism, and that its employment for optical instruments was only known in a rudimentary stage; but for domestic purposes, for architectural decoration and for personal ornaments glass was unquestionably much more used than at the present day.

But all routes are difficult, winding between granite and limestone rocks, and abounding in narrow defiles and rugged torrent beds. Electric furnaces are at an advantage over others as regards the removal of sulphur and of iron oxide from the molten steel, because their atmosphere is free from the sulphur always present in the flame of coal-fired furnaces, and almost free from oxygen, because this element is quickly absorbed by the carbon and silicon of the steel, and in the case of arc furnaces by the carbon of the electrodes themselves, and is replaced only very slowly by leakage, whereas through the Bessemer converter and the open-hearth furnace a torrent of air is always rushing.

It is almost immediately joined on the left by the Mutt torrent, coming from a small glacier to the S. The rainfall on the west very much exceeds that on the east, and the Periyar used to find its way by a short torrent course to the sea, rendering no service to mankind.

Here all is rock, gorge, almost inaccessible mountain, precipice and torrent, while over or along all these rude features of nature are drawn countless lines of stone walls by which man makes or supports the soil in which the vines find their subsistence.. Williams Jackson, Persia, Past and Present. In the midst of the torrent of his most strenuous and passionate deliverances, he suddenly rises aloof from his immediate subject, and in all tranquillity reminds us of some permanent relation of things, some enduring truth of human life or human society.

Sometimes the storm had burst over Gaul, and there had been need of a Marius to stem the torrent of Cimbri and Teutons, or of a Caesar to drive back the Helvetians into their mountains. It soon becomes the boundary for a while between the departments of the HautesAlpes and of the Basses-Alpes, and receives successively the considerable Ubaye river, flowing from near the foot of Monte Viso past Barcelonnette left , and then the small stream of the Luye right , on which, a few miles above, is Gap.

It enters the Basses-Alpes shortly before reaching Sisteron, where it is joined right by the wild torrent of the Busch, flowing from the desolate region of the Devoluy, and receives the Bleone left on which Digne, the capital of the department, is situated and the Asse left , before quitting the department of the Basses-Alpes just as it is reinforced left by the Verdon, flowing from the lower summits of the Maritime Alps past Castellane.

Above the sea-level, on the right bank of the Plessur torrent, just as it issues from the Schanfigg valley, and about a mile above its junction with the Rhine.

The coalition, and Fox in particular, were assailed in a torrent of most telling invective and caricature. It issues as a torrent, at the height of ft. The waterways of Brittany are for the most part of little value owing to their torrent-like character. The town is finely situated overlooking the Vienne and a small torrent, and has two interesting Romanesque churches, both restored in modern times.

Then at the beginning of the 5th century, during a furious irruption of Germans fleeing before Huns, the limes was carried away ; and for more than a hundred years the torrent of fugitives swept through the Empire, which retreated behind the Alps, there to breathe its last.

Bossuet, Louis XIV. One and a half mile from Altdorf by the Klausen road is the village of Burglen, where by tradition Tell was born; while he is also said to have lost his life, while saving that of a child, in the Schachen torrent that flows past the village.

Many of the factories derive their motive power from the falls of a mountain torrent known as the Salto de las Aguas. Above sea-level on the right bank of the Ve]ino a torrent subtributary to the Tiber , which at this point issues from the limestone plateau; the old town occupies the declivity and the new town spreads out on the level. After the passing of this torrent the Visigoths, under their kings Ataulphus, Wallia and Theodoric, still dazzled by the splendours of this immense empire, established themselves like submissive vassals in Aquitaine, with Toulouse as their capital.

Some months later he signed the bail bond of Jefferson Davis, and this provoked a torrent of public indignation. The forward lines on Monte Armentera and Monte Salubio were poorly adapted for defence, but had been strongly fortified, while the line east of the Maso torrent, which Cadorna had indicated as the main line of defence, had undergone little preparation.

Between the Halys and the Iris the mountain rim is comparatively low and broken, but east of the Iris it is a continuous lofty ridge called by the ancients Paryadres and Scydises , whose rugged northern slopes are furrowed by torrent beds, down which a host of small streams among them the Thermodon, famed in Amazon story tumble to the sea. To the north-west of Pinerolo, up the Chisone valley, there opens at Perosa Argentina the valley of St Martin, another important Waldensian valley, which is watered by the Germanasca torrent, and at Perrero splits into two branches, of which the Prali glen is far more fertile than that of Massello, the latter being the wildest and most savage of all the Waldensian valleys.

One torrent, the Onopniktes “donkey-drowner” , flowed through the new city, and many other streams came down a few miles west into the beautiful suburb of Daphne. Above the sea, on the right bank of the Wad Biskra, a river which, often nearly dry for many months in the year, becomes a mighty torrent after one or two days’ rain in winter.

But about half a mile below Geneva this limpidity is disturbed by the pouring in of the turbid torrent of the Arve left , descending from the glaciers of the Mont Blanc range, the two currents for some distance refusing to mix.

In fact, up to Lyons, the Rhone save when it expands into the Lake of Geneva is a huge and very unruly mountain torrent rather than a great European river. The torrent ran in a few hours to the sea, and formed that shallow or lagoon called by Pliny Subitum Vadum, which prevented the ships approaching the shores.

Swollen by the melting of the winter snows and by heavy rains in the mountains, it is frequently a torrent, and is thus, except in the last few miles, unnavigable for either boats or rafts.

The small torrent of Rothwein, which flows into the Wurzener Save, forms near Veldes the splendid series of cascades known as the Rothwein Fall. The torrent of popular sentiment in favour of war was, however, irresistible; and Cobden and Bright were overwhelmed with obloquy. Rachel’s division now arrived and made a most gallant effort to cover the retreat, but their order being broken by the torrent of fugitives, they were soon overwhelmed by the tide of the French victory and all organized resistance had ceased by 4 P.

In winter it is often so deeply covered with snow as to be well-nigh inaccessible, while in spring and autumn it is frequently flooded by the waters of a small brook which becomes a torrent after rain or a thaw. Wimshurst constructed numerous very powerful machines of this type, some of them with “multiple plates, which operate i – almost any climate, and rarely fail to charge themselves and deliver a torrent of sparks between the disf El charge balls whenever the winch is turned.

A torrent of nonsense escaped from Jade, a mix of words that made no sense. Before Dean could let loose with a torrent of pithy comments, there was another knock on the door and Donnie entered the room.

What are torrents? How do torrents work?

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Torrents account for approximately 43% to 70% of all Internet traffic. And I am pretty sure you have heard the word torrents a lot. Some of you. words created with Torrent, words starting with Torrent, words start Torrent. In a single word, torrents are simply ‘files’ that hold information related to other files and folders that are to be distributed. When you download a.

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