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Here is a description of some of them. Browser integration support The software can run on all the browsers and all the versions. It also has the feature of integrating it with any online application to boost the download.
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Here is a description of some of them. Browser integration support The software can run on all the browsers and all the versions. It also has the feature of integrating it with any online application to boost the download. Boost download speed The file segmentation technology included n the software increase the download speed five times more than the normal download speed. The files are segmented dynamically while downloading a file. Download by clicking ones After clicking a download link in a browser, the download manager increases its speed.

Nothing special is needed for downloading. Pause and resume download If there is a download that has been paused or unfinished, the software completes the download. After resuming, the software starts downloading from the same position at which the download was paused. The software always checks the error, which related to the pausing of download and then it resumes it and completes it.

There are many reasons, which can stop a download in the middle. It can be interruption in connection, network issues or any other reason. Even users can pause the download and resume it after some time. Checking the files with antivirus The files should be checked with an antivirus software before downloading them.

Internet Download Manager has the feature of running a scanner after download is completed. This protects the system from the harmful files. Drag and drop Users have the option of dragging and dropping the links on the internet download manager for downloading the files. After the files are downloaded, they can be dragged and dropped on the desktop or on the desired folder.

Interface can be easily customized Users can easily customize the interface of the software according to their like and requirement. They can set buttons, which can appear on the columns of the main window. The toolbar can also be customized with different types of skins and different button styles. Users can either download various types of skins or can make their own skins.

Support of Windows operating system The newest version of the internet download manager is compatible with Windows operating system. The Windows version it supports include Vista, , XP, 7. All the Windows versions have the capability to run the latest version of internet download manager, which is 6.

All browser support The software application supports all the popular browsers and it does not have to eliminate any of its features while supporting a browser. The software can be integrated into any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and many others. The users can download the files at a fast speed. Support of multiple languages The software supports many languages and people residing in different countries can customize the software into their native language.

Temporary folder change Users can change the temporary folder of the software. It is especially good if there is less space in the drive, in which the operating system and other software are installed. Since the files are downloaded in many segments, so they are stored in the temporary folder. After the download is completed, the original file is saved in the selected destination.

If the space in the drive in which temporary folder exists is less, then user will get the error message and file will not be downloaded. In order to change the location of the temporary folder, take the following steps. Click Options and then go to Save to tab.

Find Temporary Directory and select the desired location where the folder is to be saved. Do not locate the folder at different hard drives because their speed may be slow and which will slow down the compilation of the segments of the downloaded file. Download speed limitation There can be a situation that a user has to do an urgent task while the file is being downloaded through the software.

In such a case, the website will load slowly. In such a case download speed can be limited which can be done by going to the Progress Window and selecting the option of limiting speed. Limit the speed as per the requirement. Therefore, there will be no worries of poor speed and files can be downloaded successfully. Windows NT or higher Processor: Pentium IV or 1.

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