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iobit malware fighter 6 2 pro key

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Free users can manually update IObit Malware Fighter 6 and its database with either of the options below: Activation Note: A valid license code is required to activate the Pro version. If you forgot your license code, retrieve it here. You can also click here to purchase a new one. Click the Enter Code link at the bottom right corner of IObit Malware Fighter 6 main screen, enter your license code, and click the Register Now button to activate the Pro version.

Visit here for step-by-step activation instructions. Manage License – After upgrading to the Pro version, you can click the Manage License link at the bottom right of the screen to check the detailed license information, Refresh your license, or Export License.

Sidebar Menu Hovering your mouse on any of the 6 icons on the most left side will show you the module name for these icons. You can go to different modules by clicking the corresponding sidebar icon. Please refer to the picture below: If you do not want to see the module names, you can untick Show icon names when hover mouse on the sidebar in settings. It happens when one or both of the following situations exists: The database is outdated. Functions under Browser Protect or Security Guard are not fully turned on.

Under these circumstances, please just click the Fix All button. Scan and Protect Engines You can also check the 3 engines’ status and details in the main screen. You can not disable it to ensure your PC security. Anti-ransomware Engine is off by default. Bitdefender Engine is off by default. Hovering your mouse on the icon of each engine can show you the details about the engine status and its database version. Clicking the expand icon will unfold the three engines in the main screen as below: Notification Center Click at the top right corner to check all missed notifications.

And you can operate according to the corresponding notifications such as update database, enable engines, etc.

Smart Scan – Quickly scan the most critical sections of your computer. Full Scan – Comprehensively scan all hard drives for the deepest infections, and remove or quarantine them. Custom Scan – Enable you to only scan the items you selected. Besides listing all disks on your computer, it also displays System Critical Area and Memory Process as they are the areas that have the highest possibility of being infected.

To scan these locations, just tick the checkbox each item and click Scan button. You can navigate to a specific folder on any disk to perform custom scan to save time instead of scanning the whole disk. Just right-click on the item you want to scan and then select Scan with IObit Malware Fighter in the context menu.

In this new version, we also add quick access to Scan History and Auto Scan settings to the Scan window excepting list the three scan options. Scan History – Click Scan History at the bottom right of the Scan window to open the summary history of the scan and click View Details to get details about the scan.

Auto Scan – It will direct you to the settings of Auto Scan so that you can configure the most appropriate scan method for your PC. Initialize the database and Files. Tick Automatically remove to remove the threats found automatically after scan. By clicking the dropdown arrow icon , you have 5 options as the picture shows: Scan Results 1 If it does not detect any threats, the scanning result will show No threats found.

Your PC is safe now. And you may get action recommendation according to your PC status such as run a Full Scan,etc. By right clicking on the threat, you will see six operations. Open file location – Click to open the file location for the detected item. Select All – Click to select all the threats found. Deselect All – Click to deselect the threats found. Invert Selection – Click to invert the selection. Save Report – Save the scan result report into a log file. You can use this report for further check or send us the report for investigation when False Positive happens.

Click Remove to remove the threats found on your PC or click Cancel to not deal with the threats found. However, it is highly recommended that you remove all the threats found to ensure your PC security.

Report False Positive – In case of a false positive, please click the Report False Positive link at the bottom left corner to open the feedback window and submit false positive to IObit. IObit Support Team will analyze the false positive and perform actions accordingly.

Please refer to the Report False Positive section of this manual to get detailed information about how to report a false positive. Ransomware Guard There are two features under Ransomware Guard: Anti-ransomware Engine and Safe box.

Both of the two features aim to protect your PC from ransomware attacks, but they protect in different ways to meet different requirements. Anti-ransomware protects the files on your PC as per the file types you ticked in its Settings, while Safe box protects the specified folders you added there. You can click Settings to set according to your requirements. Please refer to below pictures.

Browser Protect Click Browser Protect through sidebar to open the window below. These features can help protect your browsers in real-time and ensure you a safe and smooth surfing environment. Browser Protect provides 6 features as below to protect your browsers against threats.

Homepage Advisor – It monitors any change to your browser homepage and search engine, and notifies you to undo the change to prevent malicious modification. You can click Details text link to check the protection status and history, or adjust the settings to serve you better as the picture below: Anti-Tracking – It protects you from being tracked by monitoring and cleaning harmful tracking data automatically once your browser is closed.

Download Protection – It scans the downloaded files to keep your PC away from malicious files. You can click the Details link to select the DNS settings you want to protect. Currently, it supports Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you haven’t installed IObit Uninstaller, you will see the Install button. Click Install will lead you to download IObit Uninstaller first.

IObit Malware Fighter supplies 8 guards to fully protect your system against various of threats. By hovering your mouse over each guard, you will see the detailed explanation for each guard as follows: Network Guard – Blocks web pages containing threats. File Guard – Scans for threats when running unknown files.

Camera Guard – Protects your Camera from unauthorized access by unknown programs. Startup Guard – Protects against suspicious malware at Windows Startup.

Malicious Action – Detects threats by analyzing malicious actions. Here you can also see details of your protect history by clicking Protect History. Protect report – It records the total number of the analyzed files and detected threats. Recently detected items – It shows the details of detected threats by Security Guard. Action Center To get better security protection and performance boost, Action Center recommends you other well-known IObit software.

You can run the programs directly in Action Center once you installed them. Or click Install Now to install the program you might be interested in. Click Hide at the middle right of the window if you do not want the recommended programs, and click Show at the bottom right to display them again. Settings Click at the top right of main the screen and click Settings to set your settings for IObit Malware Fighter 6 according to your own needs and habits at first. Do not forget to click Apply and OK buttons to save your changes.

If your database is outdated, you can get the outdated notification and click Update Now to upddate the database directly here. When you have the latest database, hovering your mouse over the icon, you can see the status of your PC and the three engines. When all your engines are on, you can see the Scan Now and click it to scan your PC directly. If any of the engines are not enabled, you can click Turn On button to enable the engines. If any guard is off, you will get the notification,too.

Certainly, it will show you if you do not scan your PC for more than 3 days. Please refer to below main situations: Right click the icon of IObit Malware Fighter in the system tray and you can see the functions in the context menu as the picture below: Smart Scan – Run a smart scan of your PC. Ransomware Guard – Open Ransomware Guard window directly. Browser Protect – Open Browser Protect window directly. It is strongly recommended that you keep real-time protection running in the background to protect your PC from various malware attacks.

Check for Updates – Check whether you have the latest program and database. You can also upload suspicious files to IObit Cloud for analyzing.

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IObit Malware Fighter Pro is the lead product in the company’s security range, and has what looks like a capable feature set. It boasts both the IObit and Bitdefender antivirus engines, anti-ransomware capabilities, URL blocking, webcam protection, and more. That’s well above average, especially for a product which isn’t from a specialist antivirus provider. A very limited free build allows you to get a basic idea of how the package works. But we do mean basic — the free version doesn’t include the Bitdefender engine, has minimal real-time protection, can’t prevent ransomware attacks during the boot process, and apparently can’t even ‘detect malicious processes running in RAM’. Which sounds like a fairly fundamental issue, to us.

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