How to Reset Your Mac’s Bluetooth Module to Fix Connection Issues

Part 4. Part 1. What is Bluetooth on Mac? Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows you to pair devices to transmit data and voice over a short distance. It is a convenient way to transfer files and use other devices wirelessly.
mac pro bluetooth not available


Solution 1. Turn it Off and On Again The fastest and easiest solution to fix Bluetooth not working problem must be reconnecting the Bluetooth. Step 1. Click on the Bluetooth icon on the menu bar; Step 2. Hit on “Turn Bluetooth Off”; Step 3. And then, wait for a few seconds; Step 4. Click on “Turn Bluetooth on” to reboot Bluetooth. Step 5. Check if Bluetooth is available.

What’s more, if restart Bluetooth is still not working, you can try to reboot the computer, and then, reconnect the Bluetooth peripheral. Solution 2. To make Bluetooth workable again, some measures are necessary. Removing all USB devices is a useful method to fix Bluetooth not working problem. Step 2. And then, turn off the Bluetooth. Step 3. Next, completely turn off your Mac, and wait for a few minutes.

Step 4. Reboot the computer and Bluetooth. After doing this, Bluetooth will work again. Solution 3. If the solutions provided before are not suitable for your case, the best way for you probably is to delete the Preference list on Macbook.

Here’s a simple tutorial. Click “Go” on the menu bar and go to “Go to Folder Scroll down and find com. Right click on it and choose “Move to Trash” in the pop-up message. Enter the password, if asked. Step 6. Restart your Mac. Solution 4. Reset the Mac’s Bluetooth System In most cases, to reset Mac’s Bluetooth system is the most direct and straightforward method to solve some glitches of Bluetooth, including Bluetooth, not working problems such as “Bluetooth Not Available” error.

Press down Shift key and Option key, and then, click on Bluetooth menu on the menu bar. Go to “Debug” menu again and click on “Reset Bluetooth module”. After doing so, your Mac has been totally refreshed. You are able to connect your Bluetooth accessories to MacBook again so as to create a new Preferences list. Sincerely hope this article is helpful for you to troubleshoot Bluetooth connection problem on Mac.

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Try 5 Useful Tips to Get it Back Macbook users are always suffering with the “Bluetooth Not Available” issue as they use the wireless mouse, Bluetooth speaker,etc connecting with their Mac frequently. There are quite many reasons why they are having this “Bluetooth Not Available” issue. But today, we will share you five useful tips to get your Mac Bluetooth back to work again. Restart your Mac 2. Release after the next sound. Your Mac will boot and then check if the Bluetooth is back.

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How To Fix ‘Bluetooth Not Available’ Error On MacBook Pro In case you are using a MacBook Pro, iMac, Air, Mac Pro, or any other Mac, this. Hello, please see my answer below Delete PLIST Files The problem occurs on Macs often after rebooting or updating OS X. Bluetooth functionality simply. Here’s a complete guide to pairing Bluetooth devices with your Mac, plus Bluetooth connection problems when Bluetooth is not working or.

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