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Mon Jan 22, 1: Two different things. Ableton is a DAW with emphasis in Live performance and sample mangling.
maschine or ableton

Maschine (+ DAW) vs Ableton Push

NI made available two software updates yesterday, for their Maschine groove workstation software and for Komplete Kontrol, their software layer for hosting instruments and effects and interfacing with their keyboards. For Maschine users, the ability to use Ableton Live and Maschine seamlessly could make a lot of producers and live performers happy. And I know lots of users work the same way. It makes sense, given the whole idea of Maschine is to have the feeling of a piece of hardware. Having these templates means you switch from one tool to the other, without changing workflow.

You could already do this with Maschine Jam, which has a bunch of shortcuts for different tasks and a big grid of triggers which fits Session View. But the appeal of Maschine for a lot of us is those big, expressive pads on the MK3, so this is what we were waiting for. And again, a lot of us are using Ableton Live.

I love Logic, but there have been times where I find myself comically missing the Session View as a way of storing ideas. But there is an awfully big ecosystem now of third-party instruments like those from Output, among some of my favorites that take advantage of compatibility via the NKS format. Maschine 2. There are actually two big improvements here workflow-wise.

One is Live support, but the other is easier creation of Loop recordings. Takes 2. Pattern creates both an Audio plug-in recording and a pattern with the playback I think the two together could be a godsend, actually, for composing ideas in a more improvisatory flow. So, Native Instruments are finally listening to feedback from people for whom live sampling is at the heart of their music making process.

The Live integration includes just the basics, but important basics — and it might still be useful even with Push and Maschine side-by-side. As always, you also get various other fixes. Komplete Kontrol 2. NI support has a set of instructions with that, plus some useful detailed links on how the integration works scroll to the botto, read the whole thing!

NI now boasts hundreds of supporting plug-ins for its NKS format, which maps hardware controls to instrument parameters. Now that includes effects, too. Scoff if you like, but I know these keyboards have been big sellers.

If nothing else, the lesson here is that making your software sounds and effects accessible with a keyboard for tangible control is something people like. I assume you might even be making some music with all this, so that, too.

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Evolving sounds and effects with Maschine MK3 This has been bugging me all night….. I love hip-hop production, right? See this video, at exact 5: So I was thinking….

VIDEO: Ableton Forum

At that time I did not really know much about Ableton or DAWs in general, but now I see that most producers seem to be using Maschine more. Native Instruments entered the Ableton Live Controller world with a bang when they launched the Maschine Jam and we’ve got big plans for it!. Ok. Well, I’ve found that even with the new version of Ableton Live (version 10), Native Instruments’ Maschine has been able to do this from.

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