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Select “Activate automatically using the Internet recommended “, then click Next. Select a license, then click Next. Click on Confirm. Click on Finish to complete activation.
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Install MATLAB

Before You Install Before you run the installer: You need both these items to perform an off-network installation and activation. The File Installation Key identifies the products you can install. The License File activates the installation, identifying which products you can run. Make sure you have the correct permissions to perform the installation. If you have questions about this, ask your system administrator. While you use an administrator account or root privileges to install the software, you typically do not want to activate the software for a privileged user.

Specify the non-privileged end user who will use the software when you activate it. Windows Systems — Get the name and password of the administrator account on your computer.

The installer modifies the system registry during installation. Linux Systems — Get the root password. For example, if you want to setup symbolic links to the matlab command, install product files in a protected folder, or edit the system boot script, you must have superuser status.

Macintosh Systems — Get the name and password of the administrator account on your computer. The administrator account is the user account you set up when you configured your Macintosh system; this is not your MathWorks Account. During installation, you must enter this name and password in the Authenticate dialog box, shown below. Consider disabling virus-checking software and Internet security applications on your system for the duration of the installation process.

These applications can slow down the installation process or cause it to appear unresponsive or to hang. MathWorks recommends installing and activating using an Internet connection.

You can use this procedure to install one of the standalone or network license options. If you use this with a network license option, you must specify the License File path and choose whether to configure the license manager. See Install the License Manager on a Server for more information about these additional steps. Step 1: Start the Installer The method you use to start the installer depends on your platform.

The installer should start automatically. Make sure you mount it with execute permissions, as in the following example. Note that the name of the DVD drive might be different on your system. Step 3: Review the License Agreement Review the software license agreement and, if you agree with the terms, select Yes and click Next.

After the installation is complete, you can view or print the license agreement using the file license. Step 4: Specify the File Installation Key If you do not have an Internet connection, and choose to install manually, the installer displays the File Installation Key dialog box. A File Installation Key identifies the products you can install. If you do not have the key, select the I do not have the File Installation Key option and click Next. The installer will provide you with the information you need to get a key.

This information includes: Host ID Release number for example, Rb Operating system user name Note that user names are case-sensitive in activation. To get your File Installation Key: Remember the information displayed in this dialog box and click Finish to exit the installer. On Windows and Linux systems, you can click Print to print out the information.

Go to a computer with an Internet connection and log in to your account at the MathWorks Web site. Visit the License Center and enter the information from this dialog box.

Return to your computer and re-run the installer. With the File Installation Key and a License File, you can install and activate the software without an Internet connection.

Step 5: Choose Typical if you have an Individual or Group license and do not need to specify which products you want to install and do not need to access any installation options. Choose Custom if you need to specify which products to install, need access to installation options, or need to install the license manager network license options only.

If you choose a Typical installation, the installer skips the product selection and installation options steps. Step 6: Specify the Installation Folder Specify the name of the folder where you want to install MathWorks products. Accept the default installation folder or click Browse to select a different one. If the folder doesn’t exist, the installer creates it. When specifying a folder name, you can use any alphanumeric character and some special characters, such as underscores.

The installer tells you if the name you specified includes any characters that are not permitted in file names. If you make a mistake while entering a folder name and want to start over, click Restore Default Folder.

After making your selection, click Next. Step 7: Specify Products to Install Custom Only If you are performing a custom installation, you can specify which products you want to install in the Product Selection dialog box.

This dialog box lists all the products associated with the license you selected or with the Activation Key you specified. In the dialog box, all the products are preselected for installation. If you do not want to install a particular product, clear the check box next to its name. After selecting the products you want to install, click Next to continue with the installation. Step 8: Specify Installation Options Custom Only For Custom installations, you can specify several installation options, depending on your platform.

After selecting installation options, click Next to proceed with the installation. Linux Systems On Linux systems, you can specify whether you want to create symbolic links to the matlab and mex scripts. Step 9: Confirm Your Choices and Begin Copying Files Before it begins copying files to your hard disk, the installer displays a summary of your installation choices.

To change a setting, click Back. To proceed with the installation, click Install. As it copies files to your hard drive, the installer displays a status dialog box to show the progress of the installation. Step Complete the Installation When the installation successfully completes, the installer displays the Installation Complete dialog box.

In this dialog box, you can choose to activate the software you just installed. You cannot use the software you installed until you activate it.

MathWorks recommends activating immediately after installation. Click Next to proceed with activation. You can activate later using the activation application. Activate Your Installation Because you were not logged in to your MathWorks Account during installation, or you started the activation application independently, you must choose whether to activate automatically or manually. Select the Activate manually without the Internet option and click Next. The License File identifies which products you can run.

Select the Enter the path to the License File option and enter the full path of your License File in the text box or drag and drop the file and click Next If you do not have your License File, select the I do not have a license file option and click Next to get information about how to retrieve a License File.

The dialog box displays the information you will need to get your License File, including: Host ID Release number e. Save the information displayed in this dialog box. For example, you can print a copy by clicking Print. Take the information to a computer with an Internet connection and visit the License Center at the MathWorks Web site. You must have this information with you when you return to the computer on which you want to install and activate the software. To exit the activation application, click Finish.

Your installation will not be activated. Complete the Activation After activating your installation, click Finish to exit the activation process. Was this topic helpful?


Start the installer: Double-click the installer file you downloaded in the previous step. The Windows Self-Extractor runs, and then the installer starts. When prompted to do so, select the license you want to use. Select the products you want to download and install. When asked to provide a user name, verify that the displayed user name is correct.

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