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You receive this prompt even though the product is licensed. Cause This problem occurs because the Office for Mac licensing file is missing or because the Installation ID for the license does not match the installation ID of the computer on which Office for Mac is installed. These are example scenarios when this may occur: This is an unsupported configuration by Office for Mac. You copy all Microsoft Office for Mac folders and files, including the licensing file, to a second computer, and then you try to start an Office application on the second computer.
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All of your Office for Mac apps will continue to function. However, you could expose yourself to serious and potentially harmful security risks. Upgrade to a newer version of Office so you can stay up to date with all the latest features, patches, and security updates.

Important note for Office subscriptions: After September 22, , Office for Mac is no longer available for installation with an Office subscription. If you have Office or a one-time purchase of Office for Mac, see Download and install or reinstall Office or Office on your PC or Mac for install instructions. However, you may transfer Office for Mac to another computer that belongs to you if you experience a hardware failure or you buy a new computer. For more information, see the Microsoft License Terms for your product.

Make sure you have your product key. If your organization subscribes to the Home Use Program and that’s how you received your copy of Office for Mac , follow the steps in: Go to Download Earlier Versions of Office at www. Enter your product key and click Verify.

Select a language, then click Confirm. When prompted, click Download Now. Double-click the Office Installer icon. Follow the prompts, and click Agree to accept the terms of the software license agreement. Click Install to continue the installation. Click Change Install Location if you want to select another drive on which to install the product.

Click Customize to select or to remove optional installation components. If you use Apple Remote Desktop to install Office for Mac on another computer on your network, Dock icons are not installed. If prompted, enter your Mac user name and password to allow the installer to make changes, and then click OK.

The installation is complete you receive a message that says, The installation was successful. Click Close.

When the Welcome to Office: Mac screen appears, select the option, Enter your purchased product key. Enter the product key from the retail package of Office for Mac , and then click Activate. If prompted, install any updates. See Also.

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Please Rate Microsoft hosts secret installation files for Microsoft Office for Macintosh as well. After pulling almost all other direct downloads, the Office downloads are among the few remaining ones. Important Note February Microsoft has taken down all previous and current download servers msft-dnl. For Office , we were able to find an alternative legitimate download channel. Office Test Drive When starting the installation, you will be provided the choice whether to install the full version of Office using a product key, or to install a trial edition. If you select the trial edition here, you can evaluate Office up to 30 days. Purchase an Office Activation Key Should you want to use Office permanently, and don’t own a product key yet, you can order it from an online retailer such as Amazon or eBay.

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