How to Block Calls and Text Messages on Android Phone

What can be the best solution to block those calls from unwanted numbers and spam numbers? Are there any specific call blocker apps that I could make use of to prevent those fake calls? Take a look at this article to know some of the best call blocker apps that will help you in keeping unwanted calls away.
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Mr. Number – Caller ID & Spam Protection

Some of these apps block both calls and texts, but some just block one or the other. Find the one that works for you.

Any number that appears on the list will be blocked. BlackList has a bunch of powerful settings, as well. You can set up a schedule for when numbers should be blocked, block all numbers with the tap of a button, and automatically send a text to blocked calls. There are a few different blocking modes you can choose from.

Call Blocker also has built-in spam blocking tools that will block things like one-ring phone scams. One of the best things about this app is the Community Blacklist. The community of over 12 million users has done the work for you. Call Blocker also has a handy Do Not Disturb mode for blocking calls and texts at certain times of the day. Number is one of the best and most popular apps for blocking calls, texts, and spam.

Similarly to Call Control, Mr. Number relies on a community of users to create a universal blacklist. The beauty of Mr. Number takes care of you. The good thing about only having one purpose is the app is lightweight and simple to use. It allows you to quickly and easily create a blacklist.

Numbers can be entered manually, or from your call log and contacts. Should I Answer? Free This is another app that can block calls, but the main feature is to give you information about incoming numbers. When you receive a call from an unknown or suspected spam number, Should I Answer will display a user rating for the number.

The app can also automatically block calls from hidden numbers, numbers with poor ratings, and numbers from your private list. You can block texts that contain certain phrases and words. The app will also automatically block spam without any set-up. In order to use this app, it must be your default messaging app.

All blocked messages are stored in a separate inbox folder, just like email. The app also allows you to block calls from spammers and telemarketers automatically. Of course, you can manually enter numbers to block as well.

A great tool to get rid of those spam calls and messages.

Number has to be the most flexible and the most powerful. You simply create one list of numbers, and the app blocks all interactions from those numbers. You can drill down to specifics in the settings menu, opting to block texts from users on the block lists or not. You can also block specific numbers, whole area codes, unknown as in, blocked numbers, numbers not in your contacts, all the numbers in your contacts, or every number.

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