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If you have to rearm Office SP1, please read my updated article. Things are quite different with Office This article explains how you can rearm Office and for what you need this feature.
ms office 2010 activation wizard

Troubleshooting Office 2010 & 2013 activation (for LAN admins)

If you have to rearm Office SP1, please read my updated article. Things are quite different with Office This article explains how you can rearm Office and for what you need this feature.

Office is certainly the best Office suite out there. However, compared to Office it has one major drawback: Like Vista and Windows 7, Office has to be activated. However, Office behaves a little different than Windows if it is not activated. Rearming Office , that is resetting the grace period, works similar as rearming Windows.

In RFM Office, documents can only be viewed but not modified. Volume editions of Office don’t have an RFM. However, Office will start nagging users with messages after 25 days. You can just imagine how many helpdesk calls it will provoke if you don’t ensure that Office has been activated during this grace period. Either way shouldn’t be doable within 25 days after the installation. However, it might be difficult to activate Office during the grace period if you deploy a pre-installed Office with an OS image.

The grace period begins immediately after you installed Office on your master PC. If you have to perform other configurations before you create the master image, then it is quite possible that 25 days is too short. You also have to take into account that it might take some time until Office finds a KMS host or until you activate it manually.

This is where Office rearm comes in. This features allows you reset the grace timer to 30 days grace. If you rearm Office right before you create the OS master image, you can be sure that you have the full 25 days before users will bothered with Office activation notifications or before the retail edition goes into Reduced Functionality Mode after 30 days.

Most of these articles were written before Office was released. There are also third party tools that allow you to rearm Office However, I recommend following Microsoft’s instructions. This topic is too sensitive to rely on third party tools.

To rearm Office , you only have to run ospprearm. Rearm Office – ospprearm. This allows the KMS host to count Office correctly. The Office Professional Plus Trial comes with a special activation code that will allow you to test Office for 60 days.

There are reports on the web indicating that you can also rearm the trial version of Office Office Trial indeed comes with ospprearm. However I doubt that rearming will work after you used the trial activation code because rearming makes only sense with an Office installation that hasn’t been activated. Office Activation Wizard You can run Office Trial without activating it but every time you launch the Office Activation Wizard will pop up.

If you cancel this dialog, you can continue using the Office application. I suppose this will only work for 30 days.

If you have experience with rearming Office Trial, please let me know.

Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Wizard

Step 1: Review the suspicious processes and note down its file location on computer. Terminate the processes now. Delete the file permanently. Step 2: Locate and delete the definition of this program from startup files, registry files, and host files Launch the file explorer or any folder from my computer.

VIDEO: Download Microsoft Toolkit to activate Windows and MS Office – Follow the guide and learn how to download, install, Office is one of the most popular MS Office version. Select “Activate Product Key” over the Activation Wizard screen displayed on screen. If you fail to activate Microsoft Office , it will enter Reduced Functionality Mode after 30 days. Open the activation wizard using File Help. MS Office Activation Wizard. Or, by following the steps below: Open Microsoft Word ; Open Backstage view by clicking on the File tab; Click Help in the set .

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