Registration or Serial Keys For NCH VideoPad Video Editor Pro 6.01 and Less Versions [ Updated ]

How to move your software and license to a new machine First, uninstall your software from the old machine so that you can install it on the new machine. Next, download the software from www. Enter your registration code to register your software.
nch videopad registration code

NCH VideoPad Video Editor Pro Serial Key

How to move your software and license to a new machine First, uninstall your software from the old machine so that you can install it on the new machine.

Next, download the software from www. Enter your registration code to register your software. If you don’t have your registration code, go to the Registration Code Recovery box above and enter the email address that you provided when you purchased your software then click on “Recover Lost Product Key. Our program versions are updated regularly and your serial number purchased is valid for the version available for download at that time, and new releases for 6 months after.

We suggest rolling back to your previous version via your backup. Anything outside this time frame requires an upgrade – see www. If your purchase was less that 6 months old you can download the software from our website free of charge.

If you are outside the 6 month period, you need to re-install from the backup you made of your original purchase. I don’t have a backup of my original installation file, how do I reinstall my software? We highly recommend that you make a backup of your installation file in the event that you need to reinstall it. This is always going to be the fastest and best method of reinstalling your original file. If you do not have it, please contact support with as much information as possible regarding your purchase.

If you have the details from your registration email, that is the best information to send them. If you would like to purchase an upgrade, please go to www. How do I make a backup of my Installation file A backup by definition is a file saved somewhere external to your PC. We suggest using Express Burn to back up the installation file to CD should you need it at a later date. The file location is C: You must record your Registration Code, either by printing it out or as a document saved with this backup.

Problems when Activating or Registering Registration code not accepted after software reinstallation This may be because you are trying to activate a newer version of the software using your old registration and activation code. If you did not keep a copy of the software and have downloaded a newer version from our website you may need to upgrade. See www. Registration code has not been received You should have received two 2 emails from us, one containing your invoice and the second containing your or digit serial number.

Please check your email boxes including your Junk box. If you still cannot find these emails please check your Junk folders, SPAM lists or any filters or rules set up in your mailbox. If you are sure you have not received it, please contact us here.

Registration code is not accepted Please check: You are not attempting to register your software using the or digit license serial number. If this is the case, you must first activate your license serial number and obtain a registration and activation code at https: You have entered all details exactly as they are received including name, and location case sensitive. Do not change any details of the Name or Location as these are locked to your registration.

There are no leading spaces before or after each line of information. This often happens when you cut and paste information. If in doubt, type the information in. You have not installed another instance of the software using the same key on a different computer the key locks to the computer.

If this is the case please contact support using the form here. You are not trying to activate a newer version of the software using your old registration code. There is a 6 month period of free upgrades beginning from the initial activation of your software.

After this time, to use a newer version you must purchase an upgrade using www. Unfortunately, if you have not backed up the software you initially purchase, you cannot revert back to the older version. We do not keep copies of older version software because the cost we would need to charge you for the service exceeds the upgrade cost.

You are trying to activate only the software that you purchased and not any other program this is an easy mistake to make. If this is the case and you have not yet downloaded or cannot find the program you purchased, just download it again using the links at www. If you have checked you are not doing any of the above and this problem persists, please complete this form.

Please be sure to include: The name of the software you are attempting to use The date of purchase. A full copy and paste of the registration and activation code you received including name, location, Registration Code copy and paste directly from the email we sent you. Details of any error message being displayed. Confirmation the registration code is not being used to activate software on another machine. Registration code is accepted initially but warnings continue You might not have purchased an adequate license class for the features you want to use.

If this is the case, you will need to purchase an upgrade using www. Also, if you are using the IVM, check you do not have unnecessary devices listed in settings. This might trigger warnings because the software thinks you are using more lines than your license class permits. Finally, the registration code details are stored in the Registry on Windows computers. For this to happen the person entering the code into the software must be logged into the Windows computer under a user account that has administrator privileges.

It is possible that you are trying to re-generate your registration and activation code using your or digit serial number.

If this is the case the serial number can only be activated once. If you cannot find an email with this information please contact our support department using the form below, including the name the software was registered to, date purchased and the full license serial number. This error can also occur if more than 13 characters are entered into the field. This includes spaces at the beginning or the end of the number.

If you are trying to re-activate your license after a computer crash you will need to contact support using the form here.

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This is developed and designed by NCH software and is complemented by many advance plug-ins such as VirtualDub. It has the ability to integrate with many other NCH software for increased functionality and user performance. Such as it offers integration for MixPad, photo pad as well as WavePad. This allows users to offer full and comprehensive editing features for all types of media. In addition, it allows users to share or upload their creation on the internet. Also, it offers direct upload from within the application for many video hosting sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Viki, Flick, and many others. VideoPad has a very simple and elegant user interface layout.

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