Noiiz announces new subscription pricing and features, and launches Noiiz Studio Competition!

This library requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5. They wanted all sounds to be solid and ready to use. Put simply, they wanted it to sound HUGE! Teaming up with renowned producer Yoad Nevo, Samplephonics spent months sampling his various analogue synthesisers. Thanks to this incredible attention to detail and the scripting expertise of Phil from Samplephonics this goal became a reality, resulting in this stunning virtual instrument!
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Tweet Noiiz is a subscription-based music production platform that offers users unlimited downloads either from the website or from within a DAW using the Noiiz plugin.

Clicking on the Sounds tab displays a general search field above several main categories: This opens the download window for the sample pack where you can read a description of the content, download the whole pack, play an excerpt that features the content, or search for a particular sound using several instrument tags such as Arp, Snare, or FX and Type loops or oneshots.

You can sort the samples in several ways including by: It took roughly 4: So based on my calculations it should have taken 1: If only there was a way to preserve Net Neutrality … but I digress. The unzipped folder directory looked like this: The content proved to be as promised: While it is a relatively modest collection at the moment, I expect it will grow as the paradigm gains popularity.

You can browse Packs and other categories just the like website and drag audio files from the Plugin interface right onto a track, to an empty clip slot or to the desktop.

You can link the tempo of the session to the audition speed of the sample and change the pitch as well. This causes a slight pause for things to recalculate, but can save you a lot of time by allowing you to hear the sample in the context of the session before downloading it.

Conclusions The factors that seem crucial for a cloud-based platform to succeed are catalog size and variety, access and search-ability, and quality. Noiiz seems to have nailed it across the board. I am hopeful they are able to expand the Preset and Plugin offerings as the system develops.

Check the site for current pricing. Noiiz has implemented a truly inspired idea that will fit seamlessly into the workflow for many music producers. Sign up to be the first to learn about the latest articles, videos, courses, freebies, giveaways, exclusive discounts and more.

Talk to you soon. There was an error submitting your subscription. Please try again.

Download unlimited royalty-free sounds for just $99

On Jul 26, 4 Samples are the foundation for many current productions. Producers can spend a lot of time crafting each sound of a track individually, so from a productive perspective, samples are often an efficient path. Finding a kick, snare, riser, piano loop, and vocal chop has never been easier. Read on to see a comparative review of three such services — Noiiz, Splice Sounds, and Loopcloud. Splice Sounds Price:

VIDEO: Review: — A Music Production Platform

Noiiz () is an offshoot project by Samplephonics, a community loved gang of sample creators, with their well-designed packs most. Noiiz Web Application. sounds & instruments. Join free , members and growing! Noiiz Cloud. Feed Sounds Instruments Synth Presets Plugins. Account. Noiiz has 6 repositories available. @Samplephonics. Noiiz. Making technology more musical. Leeds, UK; ·

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