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Guides Light Image Resizer, an image resizer and image converter software, provides easy operations for users to resize and simply converts images 1 by 1 or via batch mode. Bulk editing can be used to apply profiles to a set of pictures. The batch image converter can easily convert your pictures into different formats. You can work on individual photos or edit large numbers of images by simply doing a batch resize in just one click.
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It is the perfect tool for those who store their digital pictures and images on their PC and who want to resize, compress, convert, create copies, import or organize photos. Light Image Resizer is integrated into the Windows explorer shell, right click on your pictures and start working on your pictures! Add your own watermark to protect your work or add a copyright to photos with html-like text formatting and transparency support. Customize pictures by converting them to sepia or add a border. Use the live preview to see what the final result will look like before actually processing the image.

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Light Image Resizer is a free software to resize and convert image. Offer many option to do resizing image, such as coloring and automatically fill watermark on . Researching now finds “Light Image Resizer (formerly VSO Image Resizer)” in addition, web site page is called “Obvious Idea”:?. 6 شباط (فبراير) برنامج Light Image Resizer خفيف وسهل الإستخدام يساعدك بشكل كبير على Light Image Resizer from Obvious Idea (previously known as VSO.

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