Cisco Packet Tracer – How to connect to a switch using telnet

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Cisco Router Basic Network Configuration (CCNA Lab 1-1)

A list of download links to 19 of these labs is about half way down this page. For documentation about basic router configuration from Cisco, visit their page.

This first lab covers basic Cisco router network configuration. I will walk you through all of the commands to accomplish each objective of this lab. Before we get started, I will explain how to configure routers in the Packet Tracer lab environment. The way this lab has been setup resembles how you would configure a router in actuality. You must use the PC to open a terminal console session to the router in order to configure it via the command line interface CLI.

This is the PC that has a console light blue cable connected to the router that will be configured. Your prompt will show the router name followed by a greater than sign. Remember that pressing the enter key will tell the router to execute the command you have typed. The router name is now followed by a pound symbol to show this. This will save you lots off typing although it is not always necessary to have each word in a command completely spelled out.

Use the question mark? It will show you which of all the available commands are for the command mode you are in. You can use it after typing a few letters of a word or after one or two words of a command. We are now prepared to enter the commands to complete the lab. You are the Network Administrator at Ranet. We have just installed a new router to be our gateway.

After configuring this, you should be able to 1. Ping to They are virtual, in the sense that they are a function of software — there is no hardware associated with them. To set the Telnet password type:

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Install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu Cisco Packet Tracer is a network simulation software for simulating Cisco networking devices. You can use Cisco Packet Tracer to design simple to pretty complex network topologies. You can also configure the virtual computers, routers, switches etc in Packet Tracer to test your network topology. Downloading Packet Tracer:

VIDEO: Install Packet Tracer on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

How to Configure DHCP in Cisco Packet Tracer: In this tutorial we will configure IP addresses dynamically, for this will be done two examples configuring DHCP. The Cisco Packet Tracer software allows you to simulate some of the lab equipment (routers, switches, PCs, servers) away from the lab. In this post, we will explain how to configure Syslog Server in Cisco Packet Tracer. You can use Syslog Server to collect all the logs in a central.

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