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Its most famous feature is that SAI focuses on the process of drawing rather than editing and because of that differs greatly from Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop. For now, the developer published only the technical preview version, but some new features are already available and some are announced. With brush size varying from 1 to px, the new option allows to create highly detailed drawings. Also, the file support has widened up, too:
paint tool sai 64 bit download

Paint Tool Sai V2 – 64bit – beta

You can download the beta technical review here and use it freely. It is has come a long way since I last looked at it, and while it still needs a few more added elements before it might be considered a full package, it stands quite close now to being ready for prime time release, or so I’d estimate. Anyway, here’s the discovery which came up while I was exploring I’d just assumed it was due to my imperfect hand steadiness, but if you fix the pen in one spot, you can see that it is definitely there.

That is, when I hold the stylus perfectly still, the cursor will jitter around every second or so by about one pixel’s worth of distance from the central point beneath the pen nib. It’s a very minor effect and I honestly hadn’t noticed it until now, not directly anyway, but rather when I was doing super-tight detail work in CSP where I put it down to something weird in the driver.

It’s not the driver. It’s hardware. Not cool! But there it is. It can be observed on all levels of the OS. Now here’s the thing The Windows Ink driver doesn’t work to correct this micro-jitter, which is why I was unable to draw a reliably clean line when working in very tight areas. WinTab, however, does correct for it, disregarding micro-changes in the X,Y coordinates and maintaining a stable cursor.

However, as I have mentioned in other posts, WinTab and CSP don’t play well together; at large sizes and fast brush strokes, CSP exhibits an annoying delay, which results in ‘dents’ when drawing long curved lines.

Windows Ink doesn’t do this, but does jitter at the micro-level. Between WinTab and Windows Ink, you can get a properly working stylus, but it means switching between the two depending on your needs. That’s what we call in the art biz, “Annoying. That’s awesome! On the down side.. It understands the pinch-to-zoom idea, but not rotate and not even scrolling. If you drag your finger across the canvas, it registers as a line input. So that’s definitely an area which could use some improvement.

SAI is also still locked to a full colour paradigm. SAI’s author, Koji Komatsu, informed his users long ago that he had chosen this because of certain inherent efficiency benefits. No other software at the time was even close to being as smooth and responsive as SAI. But times have changed. Other things about SAI SAI can save in it’s own native format, or in a variety of others, including fully layered Photoshop. Though, you lose any specific text or vector file information in the process; it’s all converted to raster upon saving.

But it can’t open or create. For me that’s a pain, since. I picked it exactly because it seemed to be a standard across all art software, so I didn’t have to worry about formats falling out of vogue over the years. I have run into ridiculous challenges, for instance, trying to open old project layouts created back when I was using QuarkXpress and Adobe PageMaker before that. So I have thousands of. SAI needs to get that format adopted before I’d give it my full endorsement, for sure!

It’s elegant, minimalist and works really well. You can drag around the cursor and when the gradations look right, you just release and there it is. This is such an obvious and useful refinement, it amazes me that nobody has thought of it before. SAI is full of little items like that. There are still areas which need refinement; SAI 2 is still a beta model, but unlike last year, it now resides at a point where I think I can actually use it as a serious production tool.

I’m going to try using it for my next bit of work!

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VIDEO: Paint Tool SAI for Windows 10 (32/64 bit)

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