Pirate’s Plunder

The letter was written to address rampant piracy of Bill’s earliest product, Altair BASIC , which was being passed around quite freely by hobbyists in paper tape form, without any sort of payment to Microsoft or, as it was then called , Micro-Soft. Bill was understandably upset about this state of affairs. It’s an interesting figure:
pro tools pirate

SHS Pirate Student Tools

I know this is an old complaint but I sincerely feel that things are getting out of hand. After all my future revenue depends on the fact that records I produce will not be pirated. These guys deserve earning money for there work, and since the good ones will earn more, they will create even better plug-ins at least we hope they will….

So it is in OUR interest to support these as much as we can. This said I have a couple of gripes to air: Every time I launch Pro Tools, it takes almost 15 seconds on my g4 to load the authorizations just for that one plug-in.

If all plug-in companies go for these bit keys, we might as well never close the application! How long is it going to take me to get back in business? Negotiating re- authorization with all the software companies involved: This means that if I want to migrate to a recent Mac you have to pay again!!!!!!

Sony’s position is a little more balanced in the real world now. It will allow migrating to a new machine but this has to be discussed directly with them And if you think I am coming hard on them please read again the first chapter of this post. We have reached a point where the accumulation of different anti-piracy systems can create instability in systems.

On my system I can link several software incidents in the past month to some kind of anti-piracy device. It’s crazy, some software not PT require that you keep the old application on the disk when you upgrade to the new one. It is also becoming increasingly dangerous to even attempt getting rid of what seem as useless extensions.

You are most likely to provoke instant disaster. But that cannot be at the expense of the users business security. After all, anti-piracy devices are also there to protect the paying user against unfair competition, and let’s not forget that we users are actually paying for it!

I do not see anti-piracy measures as something that should only be left only to software companies. Software companies ask for our consideration, I now ask the same from them. Mark Haliday.

SU Pirate Link

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VIDEO: Waves on pirate Pro Tools 10

APOLONIA GOLD PRO Pirate Advanced metal detector with LCD display. VDI indications Basic working frequency: 18 KHz, also available with camouflage. I have a client from another state that I do freelance work for via ftp. My personal software setup is % legit: Pro Tools, Waves, Soundtoys. Perhaps this isn’t the correct forum for this post, however, after searching the entire DUC for the word “piracy” & a 1 year date range, not one.

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