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The key is a string consisting of approx. Your Personal License Information You have received the license name and key form Paessler via email. This is either the information for a Trial or a Commercial Edition.
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The key is a string consisting of approximately 60 characters. Your Personal License Information You have received the license name and key from Paessler via email or in a license document on Paessler shop. This is either the information for a Trial or a Commercial Edition. When you click the according button to download the trial or freeware version of PRTG on the Paessler webpage, it will show a page with license details license name and license key.

Please copy this information and insert it when PRTG asks you to about you license information. Example of License Information License Name: John Q. Public License Key: Please use copy and paste to fill out the form in the dialog shown by the installer. When entering a Trial license key, you can experience unlimited functionality of PRTG during the trial period. Your installation automatically switches to a Freeware Edition afterwards. Commercial license key: You can only enter this key if you install the Commercial Edition of PRTG, available for download in the customer service center.

Your installation allows the number of sensors according to your license. Change License Key Usually you do not need to enter a key manually, because it is prompted during installation. However, there are still scenarios where you want to change your key. If you need to enter new license information, please follow these steps. Step 1: Make Sure You Have Installed the Correct Edition Please check first if you have installed the proper edition and then enter the license key. The publicly available installer only contains the Freeware and Trial Editions.

It does not accept any commercial license keys. The Commercial installer is only available for download to paying customers. If you have purchased a license key for PRTG, please download and install the latest Commercial Installer from the Paessler website to apply your license key. You can install a commercial version “on top” of an existing Trial Edition to maintain your configuration and monitoring data. Step 2: Enter the License Key You have two options to enter a license key.

In this program, select the License tab. For a video tutorial on the various settings you can make in the Administration Tool, including the PRTG License settings, please see the More section below. To avoid typing errors, please copy and paste both the License Name and the License Key from the email.

Both must be transferred exactly as shown in the email. License To make sure your key has been entered correctly please click on the Check Key button. A popup box will either show success or denial of your license information. License information is also checked if you change tabs. In the Licensed Edition field you will see an accepted license key. Click the Ok button to save and confirm to restart the core server service by clicking on the Yes button. PRTG Administrator: Restart Core Server Service.

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Whenever a failure occurs, notifies are delivered via email, SMS, pager communications along with other methods. PRTG Network Monitor Crack In which will come in a version that is free of cost is switched infrastructure that is unified and community monitoring answer made available from Paessler AG. These as workstations, servers, storage space, applications, and services as monitoring that is unified, PRTG Network Monitor Crack allows you to keep track of circle products like routers, switches, and gain usage of points, in addition to infrastructure. It gathers information from PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones and presents them every on a screen that is single full of graphs and custom reports. Controlling network performance is always a challenge that is great. This increased when point-products which have been multiple users to manage it.

VIDEO: Entering a License Key

Learn about PRTG Network Monitor networking monitoring software for small businesses. Includes info on PRTG Network Monitor, free trials. If you already have a license key, you can press the “Enter License Key” button and enter your license key. Request trial. Register license. Enter license key. and look for an email from; download PRTG; insert your personal license key (it is in the email from Paessler) during the installation.

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