Top 3 Excellent Ways to Crack WinRAR Password

Click save to save the file and save it with crack. Step 4: Now open the crack.
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How to Unlock RAR File Online or With Password Unlocking Programs

For multiple files, we tend to archive them into a single file. One of the best ways to compress a bundle of files is WinRAR. RAR files are quite popular in these days because these file types can be easily sent via email or can be stored in removable devices.

But if you somehow manage to forgot the password of rar file or maybe you downloaded a rar file from Internet that requires a password to open it then you are deeply screwed because resetting or recovering password a RAR file is not similar to reset password of your social media accounts where you have the option to reset the password with “Forgot Password” option.

So, in this guide, we will reveal 2 secret methods that can recover the password of RAR files so that you can access the data inside it.

Part 2. Step 1: Open your favorite browser and visit unzip-online. Step 2: Wait for the website to load and then click on “Uncompress Files”. Step 3: Now, locate the zip file from your computer and hit the “Uncompress File” again. Step 4: Wait for the website to decompress your file and remove the password from your zip file. Once it is finished, it will provide you a new download link with the data that you wanted to unlock. For me, online unlocking service is not recommended because there is a high chance of data leakage.

So if you have any personal or business information in your zipped file then you should never upload them on public servers.

Plus, the file size is limited to 20MB and the computer would get attacked by the virus from the ad-supported website. Part 2: It is an amazing life saving tool designed by UUkeys developers to get you out from embarrassing and desperate moments by unlocking your important and official compressed files.

It uses very powerful and special algorithms to decode your password and offers 4 different ways to recover your RAR files password including Dictionary and Brute-Force attack. Let us show how this program works so that you can understand it better. For your convenience, it is supported in every Windows OS versions such as Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and even the older Windows versions.

After finishing with installation, launch the program to see its home screen and the interface. Free Download Step 2.

In here, please choose “Recover Password for Files and Archives”. Then you will be lead to a new window, where you can add RAR files to the program. Now, click on “Open” icon to locate the password protecetd RAR file on your computer.

Step 3. Choose Password Recovery Type There are 4 password recovery algorithms embedded in the program. They are designed for different purposes.

If you completely forgot the password, please select Brute-force; if you could still remember part of the password, such as length, beginning, character type, the use Mask attack instead.

After selection, please fill the settings according to your memory. The more precise information you offer, the quicker your password will be recovered. Step 4. It may take a while depending on the size and strength of the password but once it is finished, your password will appear on the screen and you can directly copy it from the software.

Finally, use the recovered password to open your RAR file and extract the data from it. Free Download As you have seen, the online service is not that safe and convenient. There are so many limitation from it. Not to mention the security matter. If you took help from a professional password recovery tool then the password recovery task becomes incredibly easy and simple.

You can try the software for free with limited options and when you are satisfied with the power of this tool, you can pay for a registered version of this tool and enjoy the full benefits. Cathryn keeps sharing this computer skills current through UUkeys to her readers and clients.

Method 2. CrackWinRAR ArchivePassword with Notepad/CMD

Recover the password without damaging the data within it Recover the password with fast pace Automatic saving of the recovery procedures and shutting down of the PC It works in threefold to recover the password, namely: Dictionary attack, Brute force with mask attack and Brute force attack. Step 1: Download and install the application on the PC. Step 2: Launch the software and locate “Add” on the interface and click on it. Browse through the location of the RAR file to be encrypted.

VIDEO: RAR Password Unlocker

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