How To Download Torrent Anonymously (Guide)

The official domain is still down. However the new redirected domain Katcr. That said, it might be blocked in your region.
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Best VPN for Torrenting: Speed, Security, and No IP Leaks

The official domain is still down. However the new redirected domain Katcr. That said, it might be blocked in your region. In order to avoid geo blocks, just use any premium VPN service. New KAT Site Like I said, as soon as the Artem Vaulin case started to die down, an unknown team of individuals quickly launched a new kickass search engine by the name of Katcr.

But whoever is behind the new domain has done a pretty good job. It looks exactly the same and even has the exact same torrent database as the official KAT site.

The new domain also claims to have the same uploaders behind the original site, which is good to hear. That said, despite all the effort put in by the new proprietors. It is still banned in multiple countries.

It is amongst the most infamous torrent site that has ever hit the torrent community. It also hosts some of the largest torrent repositories around. Games, software, movies, you name it, TorrentDownloads has got it all. Sadly it is blocked in many parts of the world, however, it can be accessed through either a VPN or proxies.

Torrent hound If you want a torrent site with tons cool torrents and no annoying ads, then Torrent hound is perfect for you. This site has a very neat looking interface. The homepage is pretty modern looking and hosts a very handy search bar. Speaking of the search bar, it offers the convenience to search for torrents either by magnet links or by categories.

Torrent hound also shows various statistics such as total files, total servers, visitors, views, downloads, and a few other valuable site data. Torlock Torlock is a bit different than some other Kickass alternatives. Instead of hosting any old torrents, Torlock only offers safe torrents. There are no fake torrents on this site. You can find movies, TV shows, games, you name it. Launched all the way back in , it has made quite a name for itself in the torrent community. It helps users stay connected to the site.

LimeTorrents LimeTorrents is no stranger to the torrent world. Just like Torlock, Limetorrents is built around community. Although the interface is quite simple, it does pack in some handy features. This makes it super convenient to download only working reliable torrents. That said, it does tend to become unavailable from time to time. With millions of torrent downloads, this site is certainly amongst the very best.

Although the interface is a bit jumbled up, it does offer some of the hardest to find torrents around. With the search bar at the top, categories on the left and top searches at the right, it makes it super convenient to look for your desired torrent files. Instead of offering torrents from various categories, YTS only offers trending Kickass movies from different genres. You can literally find any movie you can think of on this site.

Best of all, YTS only offers super high quality but compressed movie torrents. You can watch HD content without having to compromise on bandwidths. Unfortunately, this site might be blocked in your region. If so, just use a VPN. Zooqle This is another amazing torrent site to watch the latest movies. Although similar to YTS, it does offer more than just movies.

In fact, Zooqle offers pretty much anything you might expect from a reliable torrent site. On the very top, the site lists all the content it has to offer.

On the right though, you can find the most seeded torrents. Despite how many times it goes down under, it just keeps on coming back. The UI is not that cool though, however its make up for it with no annoying advertisements. One thing that really caught my eye about ExtraTorrent is its ability to show the health of each individual torrents.

This feature comes in handy when you quickly want to download a torrent file without having to go through its details.

Like always, if it becomes unavailable, just use ExtraTorrent Proxy. SeedPeer This torrent site was not always called SeedPeer. In fact, back in the day, this site used a different domain by the name of Meganova.

Yup that right, SeedPeer is the successor to Meganova. Aside from the torrent repository, much has changed on this site since then.

Now the site is much cleaner. The interface is modern and quite easier to navigate. The homepage consists of a search bar and a bunch of categories mentioned at the bottom. Content-wise EZTV is perfect, however, one thing that I absolutely hate about this site is its super complicated user interface. It not only looks dated but it also crams in a lot of text. Other than that, searching for torrents is an absolute breeze. The site also has support for RSS feeds.

You can also stay updated with the latest site updates with the dedicated news section. This site is quite powerful and searches for your query on 92 different domains. This makes it super simple to look for any digital content you might be into. At the moment Torrentz2 is indexing around 61,, different torrents.

Games, movies, music, you can find literally find everything on Torrentz2. The interface is also quite simple. There are no advertisements and no jumbled up text.

It also certainly offers more categories than any other torrent site on this list. Best of all, the interface is neatly segregated into different categories for easy navigation. Pirateiro Pirateiro has been around for ages now. It is among the top 10 sites to download torrents from in You can find loads of amazing torrents on this site.

One thing I really like about this site is the verified tick mark, it makes it super convenient to download legitimate torrents. Dirty Torrents Although the name might sound funny, Dirty Torrents is actually a pretty great torrent searcher website.

Just like all the other torrent sites on this list, you can download all sorts of games, movies, TV shows, applications, and even music. The interface is rather simple, however, the way its shows recent torrents is very helpful. Kickass or more popularly known as KAT, is the most famous torrenting site of its time. Since the name was rather long, people on chatrooms and forums started referring to the site simply as KAT.

But the reason behind Kickass fame was not because of its catchy name but rather because of its infinite library of latest and greatest torrents. From music to games and everything in between KAT offered all. What started off as a small-time torrent site quickly grew into the behemoth we all knew and loved. That said, as quickly it became popular in the torrenting community, it also became widely infamous in the eyes of the law and soon KAT found itself in a whole slew of legal troubles.

That is until the FBI got involved. After realizing that not even the kickass torrents proxy sites were safe from the wrath of the authorities, the team behind Kickass decided it was smart to temporarily go off the radar. After remaining off the grid for over 4 months, the site did make a comeback, this time building a much stronger community.

That said, their victory was short-lived because soon after reappearing in the torrenting world, the FBI got a hold of the infamous mastermind behind the whole KAT operation.

The original domain was finally put to rest when the illusive proprietor of KAT Artem Vaulin got apprehended in Poland. Although the case is no longer relevant, it is speculated that Artem Vaulin is still battling legal issues to this day. These sites look exactly alike and offer almost exactly the same content.

That said, finding good working Kickass mirrors and proxies is really difficult these days. Ever since kickass torrents shutdown, authorities have also heavily cracked down on mirror sites and proxies. It took me quite a while to compile a list of working Kat alternative.

How to Download Torrents Anonymously?

It has taken the digital world by storm. What does it mean to Torrent Anonymously? With the end goal to download torrent anonymously, you should have an unknown IP Address along with an encrypted data transfer. An encrypted data transfer anticipates anybody counting your ISP from seeing your web activity. How to Download Torrents Anonymously?

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Flud is a simple and beautiful BitTorrent client for Android. The power of BitTorrent protocol is now in the palm of your hands. Share files with ease from your. What is Usenet, Why use Usenet, Usenet VS Torrent, and many such questions? Posted by: Kroshan in Internet, Technology September 9, 0 Comments Below is TOP 5 reasons will help you understand why people prefer Usenet. BitTorrent (abbreviated to BT) is a communication protocol for peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) 4 Indexing; 5 Technologies built on BitTorrent .. For this reason , torrents previously published only on i2p are made available to the entire US industrial rock band Nine Inch Nails frequently distributes albums via BitTorrent.

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