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Under the flamme rouge. Still all together Who will be the first to blink? They’re waiting, expecting an attack to come. These five should have more than enough to fight it out between themselves. Postlberger and Turgis have decent sprints, but they will have to hang on to the fast pace being set by the others. Van der Poel has a good kick in him too but he’s done so much work today. Benoot and Jungels will likely need to attack if they want to win. The leaders reach the final sector of cobbles, but it’s all calm at the moment.

However, Jungels is doing a large chunk of the work. They still have 47 seconds on the peloton. Turgis had to go really deep and overcooked a corner. He stays upright, though, as he rides through the grass.

They pull out a gap as they meet each other at the top. They still have 51 seconds. Ordinarily, these two teams would be helping, but they have no reason to now.

No games yet, they want to keep this peloton at bay. It’s going to be a tough ask for them to catch the leaders at this point. The peloton is in single file under the high pace being set. The gap to the leaders is 52 seconds. Still around 40 riders in the peloton, including some pretty fast men.

He’s testing the legs of his rivals. The leaders now have 48 seconds. This could succeed. A very good sign of her form heading into the weekend. They have a very small gap on the peloton behind. Oliveira is in that move with Moscon and they have bridged up to Demare. They’re building their lead at this point and now have 38 seconds on the peloton. The peloton is thinning out with each move.

They have 27 seconds now. They have just a small gap as others try to bridge across. This leading group of five, followed by the reduced peloton.

Just 20 seconds between the two groups. The leaders hit the Varentstraat sector of cobbles. Peloton also on them. Up front, Postlberger has been caught by Benoot, Jungels et al. Postlberger on his own now and Oliveira has been passed by the chasing group. Plenty of action still at the front of the peloton. Mohoric is up there for Bahrain-Merida. He’s a good outside bet for today. Oliveira and Postlberger have just 15 seconds on the chasers with the peloton a further 10 seconds back.

Riders all over the road at the moment. They quickly sweep up the Van der Poel group. Meanwhile, Benoot attacks from the peloton with Jungels. Van der Poel is leading the chase behind. Postlberger attacks from the second group on the road. Next up is the Knokteberg. Iljo Keisse is pulling the bunch along and the gap has fallen to 54 seconds. The chasers in no man’s land are 30 seconds back.

Lotto Soudal is leading the bunch and giving it beans at the moment. She took a hard knock at De Panne last week, but she seems ok today. They have just 17km to go. No reason given by the team, perhaps he is saving his legs for the weekend. Meanwhile, the Van der Poel’s group is about to make contact with the other escapees. They are 41 seconds behind the Portuguese rider. They are 1: More attacks coming from the main group, things are really ramping up.

Only about 40 riders left in the main group. He’s taken a few riders with him, including defending champion Lampaert. The Dutch champion puts in a mighty effort.

With him are Garcia Cortina and Turgis. They catch and pass Raim from the breakaway. He has 20 seconds as he heads up Berg ten Houte. He’s already completed the Taaienberg. The Taaienberg is coming up very soon, which should do plenty more damage to the bunch. Around two minutes covers the whole race. Asgreen is forced to shut it down.

Even though he has a teammate, he isn’t resting on his laurels. He wants to make this work. QuickStep have Asgreen in that chasing group so they’re not lending a hand.

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The Neverwinter team is continuing its examination of big changes coming to all classes when the Undermountain expansion goes live later this spring. In the latest pair of blogs on the Neverwinter site, both the Ranger and Wizard are examined. What’s Next This week there was a blog post from Mike Z, Game Director, to let all of us know a bit more about what ArenaNet’s plan moving forward after the recent layoffs and to give us some idea of what we have to look forward to in Guild Wars 2 moving forward. If you haven’t read it yet you really should because aside from there being some specific things on the horizon there’s also a lot of exciting potentials set forth here. Clegg also penned a lengthy farewell to the community and to the development team that is a mea culpa of sorts about the rocky road the game has traveled since first revealed years ago.

VIDEO: The Division 2: Year 1 Update – Invasion: Battle for D.C.

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