The best programs to speed up your PC: delete junk files and optimize Windows

Avast Performance Tips: Some users also reported Avast is actually slowing down their computer or Internet connection. By loading Avast services after system services you will basically turn on Avast after everything else in Windows is loaded. When you need to turn on your computer and want to just quickly check something online.
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Avast Cleanup Premium 2018: Free Download and Activation

Your PC is a year or two old. It takes forever to boot. It runs slower. Time to buy a new one, right? According to Chris Cope , the founder and CEO of SlimWare Utilities , a company that provides a suite of products to clean, repair, update, and optimize personal computers, removing optional applications and unnecessary start-up items can increase boot speed by over 40 percent—and free up a ton of hard drive space.

So I asked Cope for simple ways to dramatically increase the performance of any PC. We’ll start by pretending—since the same advice applies to an old computer—that you just bought a new computer and want to get off to the right start: What to remove: New computers come with a variety of pre-installed programs.

Many run at start-up and stay running in the background. Keep in mind most pre-installed antivirus programs are the result of an arrangement between the computer manufacturer and the antivirus provider. Since you need antivirus protection, first determine if the installed program is one you already own, since many subscription-based applications can be transferred.

If you don’t own antivirus software and don’t want to pay, there are several good free antivirus programs. A lot of people have two or more antivirus programs installed, and leaving two running is a leading cause of lockups, blue screens, and other problems. Always keep Windows updated. Then update your installed drivers; some have bugs that have been fixed.

Then update Adobe Acrobat or Reader and Java. Always keep those two programs updated. Then install any programs, like Office, that you plan to use if not already installed. Norton Ghost is one popular product.

That way if something happens later you can easily restore your computer. What to clean up: Start with files. That makes your hard driver work harder and perform slower. Then focus on removing unused applications and programs. You may have installed a program by accident or downloaded a program you stopped using and never removed. Then check out your browser. What to add: How it turned out: Hey, it’s a great conversation starter.

They’re easy to use, and they work. And it was cool to see what the SlimWare community says about specific programs and applications. So what were my results? I freed up 33 gig of hard drive space. I removed 17 programs, including four that ran at start-up. Even before I added RAM the computer booted up in less than half the time, applications like Photoshop started up about 20 percent faster, and memory-intensive functions within Photoshop also ran a lot faster. Performance improved even more after I added RAM.

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Customise the settings of Avast Antivirus Free to boost security and performance

Tweet Avast Free Antivirus is a security utility developed by the security giant Avast. The company holds the biggest share of the world market for anti-virus apps and supplies a wide range of security-related products for both consumers and corporations Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS and macOS. Based on the statistics conducted in , Avast had million users and held 40 percent of security software market outside China. In , the company acquired Piriform, [1] the company which developed and managed CCleaner tool. The latter became infamous after hackers compromised CCleaner [2] 5. Naturally, device users who tried Avast share various opinions regarding the tool.

VIDEO: Avast Performance Tips: How to Speed Up Your Computer and Windows Startup (Boot)

Do not accept the default settings for your antivirus software. You might want to increase the security or the performance depending on how you use your PC and Let’s take a look at the settings in Avast Free Antivirus (they apply to Internet. That will be your restore option in case things go wonky after the cleaning. Yes Avast cleanup is safe. Most are freebies, and you can try those that aren’t before you put down any cash . First, here’s a look at software that can help your PC run in tip-top shape, including a If you need to clean and optimize your machine, improve your privacy and security, or do other similar . Download Avast Anti-Virus.

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