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How to find which system apps are safe to uninstall, and remove them June 17, – 2: From Samsung creating their own bloatware-packed TouchWiz UI to network carriers packing their share of adware apps and third-party services with the devices they shipped out, Android users repeatedly grew sick and tired of these bloatware apps ruining their mobile user experience. Over the years, after a significant pushback by the Android community and legal altercations involved, bloatware on Android devices has either been significantly reduced, or they have been made removable by being removed from the list of System Apps on the device. However, there still are Android OEMs that are guilty of pushing forward their own version of certain apps for notetaking , internet browser, music player and so many more that are less than stellar.
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How to uninstall Android apps from computer easily

If you are careful you will find that most of the apps are loaded and perinstalled in our device which is also called bloatwares. As time goes by the phone began to perform slowly. Since these apps often take up your phone’s memory and RAM. Worse still these apps keep running in the background which occupies the RAM memory. Bloatwares are responsible for the poor performance.

The unwanted apps will also drain the battery life and may clutter your system. So most users wonder how to get rid of the bloatwares and unwanted apps? We find it impossible to delete such preinstalled apps on unrooted device since we have no root permission. What you can do is to disable them or hide the ones you do not want and prevent them from working. Through this method the unwanted apps will also stop working. If you want to delete such unnecessary apps you have to root your device to get root permission.

After rooting there is a very useful software that is System App Remover. You may have a series of problems about it. What is the app? How to use the app to uninstall the bloatwares?

In the next paragraph we will explain the questions for you and we do hope this app will be useful to you. What is System App Remover? System App Remover is one app that is only avaliable on rooted deive. It comes with two versions: It can not only help you instantly remove the apps that you do not want but also provide suggestions to users which apps can be removed and what kind of apps should be kept for system functionality.

It also allows users to move apps to SD card. You can uninstall the bloatwares by following the steps provided next. After the download is completed start the app. You will see three parts in the Menu: Manager, Options and Support. If you want to uninstall the bloatwares check the system app. Could remove: Facebook,Twitter,Line and Youtube ect. Should keep: Gmail, Calendar and Gallery are part of the categories.

Key module: Google Service, mms, Camera, Phone and Contact etc. Since there are too many Android devices out there removing the system app may cause instability so backup all apps you want to uninstall , so you can restore them in Recycle Bin whenever you need.

Except the function to remove the bloatwares there are also some other amazing functions that the app have. Search in website by apk name, package name, app name Backup and restore apps All apps are backed up in the recycle bin after removal.

You can easily restore them when you change your mind or something went wrong. Release all app-related data when an app is removed System App Remover is a must-install if you are not tech savvy. Through this app you will be able to remove the unwanted system apps from your device — without worrying about causing damages. It supports almost any Android device and version. Root any Android device and version without connecting to PC.

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The real problem is not with the pre-installed Google apps, many Android phone makers have installed some additional bloatware apps in their devices that can cause problems to users, such as drain batteries, take more space and memory, show ads , etc. Never try to uninstall or disable Google Apps from your Android device. Uninstall system apps on Android without root Follow the steps given below: Go to Android Settings and then Apps. Click the system app you want to delete. Click the Disable button.

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Hey guys, as some of you might know, deleting system apps can be a All you have to do is select the apps you want to remove and the app. Open your Android’s Settings. If your device is not rooted you’ll only be able to disable apps that came preinstalled, not completely remove. System app remover (root needed) content rating is Everyone. This app is listed in Tools category of app store. You could visit Jumobile’s.

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