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TotalAV runs a required quick scan after installation, an important step given that it doesn’t offer any real-time protection. It also schedules a weekly quick scan, though it doesn’t give you any control over the time of day or day of week for the scan. You can opt instead for a biweekly or monthly scan. Given the absence of real-time protection, I wish it offered a daily scan option. View All 9 Photos in Gallery The product’s dark gray main window features a left-rail menu with six items:
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TotalAV Free Essential Antivirus

Security Total AV: When it comes to antivirus, there are good products that protect you and try to innovate, average products whose performance is not always excellent and bad products that deserve to be avoided.

But there is also another category that is not often mentioned: We are now discussing the thorny case of Total AV: Total AV, the best antivirus? Maybe right now you’re thinking, “Who the hell is Total AV? It is true that it is a product that is never mentioned in our columns.

And yet, you can run into him more easily than you think. Let’s take a concrete example: On the search page, the first results are what Google calls “ads”, i. Of the 4, one of them is the official Bitdefender website. The other three sites offer us a list of the “best antiviruses”. We visit them and one element challenges us: Total AV. How is that possible? Totally unknown, Total AV outperforms all its competitors and would have many qualities: Is it the ideal antivirus?

To top it all off, the product would cost only But on another page, we come across this: On this page, Total AV would be free. Who is telling the truth? We decide to go to the product’s website to discover it. Of course, we opt for the free product that is very easy to download from the official website.

During installation, we note that the publisher of the product is SS Protect Limited, information that will be useful to us later. At the end of the installation, we are invited to create an account to enjoy the free product. This is done in a few seconds, until the configuration is completed and Total AV is operational.

When we get to the interface, Total AV automatically runs an analysis of your machine: For information, we installed the software on a recently formatted computer with no other programs than those that were present by default. At the end of our analysis, a festival of alerts is displayed on our screen. Our installation, very fresh, strangely contains many problems and we are invited to correct them using Total AV. Except that the work of the program stops there, at least in its free version: But obviously, we’re doing the job of the century: In addition, on the right, we are informed that people bought the product in the last hour and that 2, took advantage of this offer during the day.

But what are we waiting for then? While browsing the page, we come across an asterisk that provides us with some valuable information: Finally, that’s what we thought before we read the end of the sentence: On closer inspection, we see another problem with Total AV. Remember, we found his name in a list of the best free software. But on the product interface, we notice that real-time protection is not enabled.

Because you have to pay for it. However, hadn’t we downloaded a free antivirus? A product where real-time protection should be available by default? In other words, Total AV plays on the user’s ability to confuse scanning, which is automatically launched, with a real antivirus scan.

However, in case of infection or malware, the software is simply unable to help you. At best, it will detect the threat but it is not equipped to neutralize it. A little earlier, we had seen the name of the company that publishes Total AV: SS Protect Limited. A quick search on the internet allows us to find the official website and to have a list of the products they publish, of which there are 3: We click on the “brands” page and there, surprise!

And ScanGuard looks like PC Protect which looks like Total AV! The interface is identical, only the product name changes. Moreover, the PC Protect product had appeared in one of the antivirus comparisons we consulted and it was in second place. What should we remember about Total AV? Is it a real antivirus? Clearly not in its free version. Total AV is nothing more than a scanning tool whose only objective is to encourage the user to buy the paid version: The purchase, often at a price that seems advantageous, has its drawbacks: Total AV as well as its comrades ScanGuard and PC Protect is betting on the lack of information from its users to obtain as many customers as possible who will end up, one year later, with re-invoicing at a high price.

Moreover, all you have to do is type “Total AV opinion” into the search engines to find an impressive number of testimonies from dissatisfied users on the forums. So can we talk about scams, scams?

Legally not because everything is indicated on their site even if it is in small print. On the other hand, from a moral point of view, everyone can form their own opinion and we have our own The other thing we would like to come back to is the sites we were talking about at the beginning of the article, those sites that list the so-called best antiviruses.

These pages are no more and no less than marketing tools. Their objective is to attract as much traffic as possible to Total AV and its partners’ sites while promoting this little-known software as much as possible.

It is therefore preferable to look to other sources to determine which antivirus products are likely to be suitable for your needs. And we have a nice antivirus comparison with our own tests and product reviews, certified without scams!

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Advanced anti-malware engine to protect against various digital world infections. Anti-Ransomware for protecting your files that might otherwise be held encrypted for a ransom. Anti-Spyware makes sure that your information is not gathered to be used for financial benefit. Anti-adware protects your system from aggressive advertisement software pushed at you that can be extremely hard to remove.

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Finding a free and effective antivirus software for Windows is no easy controls, password manager and file protection (Total Security) download the free security suite for a VPN and password manager; Free rescue disk. Download latest version of TotalAV Essential Antivirus. For Free. TotalAV Essential Antivirus, free and safe download. TotalAV Essential Antivirus latest version: Slow but steady antivirus. We live in the.

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