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In the iPhone settings there is no notification option available in the truecaller app icon so that we could at least manage the kind of notification we would prefer. The live Caller ID requires a few things from both your end and the caller’s end: Should you wish to discuss this in greater detail, we are happy to do so. Please reach out to us at https:
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Truecaller Name & Location ID

Publisher Description All shall be revealed! That means you can replace them, just like almost everything else on Android. Well, maybe you cannot actually remove the standard pre-installed apps at least without rooting your phone first , but on the other hand you can install Truecaller and make it the default application. You might be wondering why would you do that.

What makes Truecaller better than what you already have? After being installed it will put three icons on your spring board for calls, messaging and contacts.

These can replace your standard docked icons. The Dialer is composed of a search bar, a bar for recent contacts and a recent calls list. What’s noticeable here is the ergonomic style that Truecaller has going for it.

The dial pad can be brought up into view and dismissed very easily. The recent calls can be grouped by contact. You can also initiate a call or send a message by swiping left or right, respectively on the specific entry. Recent contacts can also be pinned in order to be more easily accessed in the future.

Searching contacts with Truecaller is quite interesting. If you watch the presentation video you will notice that Truecaller is supposed to identify unknown incoming calls. That is only partially true. When you start using Truecaller you will need to set up an account. Truecaller will get your name of your choice , and your phone number. From this database users can identify each other.

So unless your caller also has Truecaller installed, you will still be unable to identify him. However, when it comes to searching, you can find users that are beyond your contact list.

For example, you can find a long lost friend in case he also has Truecaller installed. It should be noted that you need to be connected to the Net for this identification to take place The messaging screen also features a spam filter.

Any message that does not come from a locally identified source will be sent to the spam folder. However you can quickly un-tag these contacts. Truecaller will generally include carrier service numbers and other contacts that are still relevant without being part of any contact list. Truecaller can block recognized numbers from calling you, but you can also manually block any contact or number manually.

Features Online number search by name Unknown contact identification.


Download APK File So, you can prevent from getting potential spam calls from telemarketers, fraud or harassment calls. This community built service app allow you mark spam or unwanted callers, so you will be notified when the same number calls again. The overall interface is simple, minimal, and quite intuitive along with several essential features. If you get lots of spam callers, you can even create a blacklist to the spam list.

VIDEO: New Truecaller Android Update!

Download this app from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone the latest customer reviews, and compare ratings for True Caller Tracker. Truecaller: Caller ID & Dialer is a caller ID service that allows you to quickly and easily identify unknown numbers that have called you. million people trust Truecaller for their communication needs, whether it’s for caller ID or for blocking spam calls and SMS. It filters out the unwanted, and lets.

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