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Justin Sun is best known for the Tron platform , which describes itself as one of the largest blockchain-based operating systems in the world. The deal has not been announced by Sun or BitTorrent Inc at the time of writing, and it is unclear therefore how Sun plans to integrate or use the technology and what will happen to uTorrent and other company applications in the process. TechCrunch suggests, based on unnamed shareholders the tech blog spoke with, that Sun may have two plans: To “legitimize” the business.
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uTorrent 3.5.3 Beta 44366


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February 21, 4: Project Zero security researcher Tavis Ormandy published the research on Wednesday after waiting 90 days from the time it notified uTorrent of its discovery. Project Zero gives vendors a day window to patch a vulnerability before publicly disclosing it. Simply put, those JSON-RPC issues create a vulnerability in the desktop and web-based uTorrent clients, which both use a web interface to display website content. On Wednesday, the developer of the uTorrent apps, BitTorrent, said the flaw has been fixed in the most recent beta version of the uTorrent Windows desktop app.

VIDEO: uTorrent 3.5.3 build 44396

uTorrent is the tiniest file sharing software. yet light features that enable users to download torrent files in a smart and Resilio Sync If you receive a message – It seems like uTorrent is already running, but not responding 3] Allow uTorrent through Windows Defender Firewall. Google Project Zero researchers are warning of two critical remote code vulnerabilities in popular versions of uTorrent’s web-based BitTorrent.

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