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Purpose[ edit ] Vuescan is intended to work with a large number of image scanners over from 35 manufacturers as of v9. XX in , excluding specialised professional scanners such as drum scanners , on many computer operating systems OS , even if drivers for the scanner are not available for the OS. These scanners are supplied with device drivers and software to operate them, included in their price.
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If you’re not printing in the darkroom, it’s a necessary evil when dealing with film. You could argue that outside of the moment of exposure, scanning carries the most weight in determining the quality of the final image. For those that choose to develop their film at home, scanning is the next step in our workflow. Most of us want to get in, get the best scan we can, and get out to the greener pastures of Photoshop to make our final edits.

It’s through that lens that we take a look at VueScan. Goals There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to scanning: Your choice of software can have a lot to do with where you land on the spectrum. For myself, I’d rather get as much as I can done in the scanning software so that my Photoshop time is limited to retouching.

There’s no right or wrong here, just personal preference. As long as you get the image you want, do it the way you want.

It’s difficult to review a software package without comparing it to other packages that I’m familiar with, so in this review, I’ll be comparing VueScan to Epson Scan, the free software that comes with any Epson scanner, and SilverFast 8. It Ain’t Pretty When you get into VueScan, the first thing you’re going to notice is the Spartan nature of the user interface. This software, visually, seems like a flashback from the nineties. There are hardly any graphic elements to be found.

There are six tabs on the left moving from “Input” on the far left to “Output” and “Prefs” on the right. Seems fairly intuitive. Unfortunately, that’s about where the user friendliness ends.

A lot of my working through VueScan has been trial and error. There are a plethora of options under each subsection, and although some do have sliders, it’s difficult to determine what does what without some experimentation. More on that while we are fine-tuning our scans. The user interface is simple and easy to get around, but the number of options can be overwhelming.

The Preview The first step in any scanning workflow, apart from mounting the film, is going to be previewing your work. Essentially, you’re getting a bird’s eye view of your negatives or slides so that you can decide which frames you want to work on in earnest. Previewing won’t show you critical focus or color, but it will enable you to build a roadmap to the rest of your workflow.

What I typically do is lay my entire sheet of negatives directly on the scanner bed, set the software to wide transparency, and scan my entire sheet at once. There are two lenses on the Epson V, my scanner of choice. One is pre-focused at the height of their film holders. The other is pre-focused directly at the scanner glass. By choosing “Transparency 8×10” in VueScan, or whatever each scanning software calls it, I can preview scan the whole bed in one sweep.

Previewing an entire sheet of film in Vuescan. Selecting and Scanning an Image Once we’ve previewed the whole sheet, we select a shot to zoom in on and work with. A plus in VueScan’s corner here is that you can zoom in on an image without the scanner making a slightly more detailed scan. When using Silverfast or Epson Scan, each time you zoom in on a selection the scanner will re-scan the image. The tradeoff, of course, is that the zoomed in image in VueScan is not very high resolution, but if you want to get in and out of the software quickly, this greatly cuts down on your time.

Once the image is selected, we get to the nitty-gritty. Here’s where you have to decide your workflow. Do you want to maximize the information in your scan or get close to a finished product? If you want to get in and get out, you manipulate the preview to bring out the most possible detail in both the highlights and shadows, in essence creating a very flat file, then bring that image into your image manipulation software of choice. For that, once you figure out the sliders, VueScan is simple enough.

But when you want to do any real manipulation in VueScan, the process is clumsy at best. You adjust offset sliders. The Crop panel. Look, I understand that there must be some sort of grand reasoning for all of this complication, but seeing as the online help system is vague at best, I’ve yet to figure out what that is.

When I crop, I want to draw a box and be done with it. What About Color Profiles? In practice, I find Silverfast more consistently accurate than Vuescan, but every once in a while, when you play with a setting just so, VueScan will nail it. Epson Scan’s best guess on color. I’ve seen worse, but still off. Silverfast’s turn. Pretty decent! A touch more saturation than I’d like, but hey, not bad.

Now for VueScan. But, when I checked the “Restore colors” and “Restore fading” buttons And then I checked these I got this: Nailed it! In short, it looks fine. I’d select sharpening and the finished scan would look exactly the same as a non-sharpened scan. No dice. Price Here’s the thing: Epson Scan is free with Epson scanners. There are no film profiles to speak of and not many bells and whistles, but for free software it’s more than capable.

For that, you get a more graphical interface, film profiles that get pretty close results, and a pretty stable platform. What I Liked.

VueScan is an easy to use scanner program that saves you time and improves your productivity.

Visit www. One feature is that if you don’t have any drivers for your scanner, and if your scanner is supported, in many cases it will work. Try the free trial. There are versions for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

VIDEO: VueScan – is the trial version fully functional?

VueScan x64 is a scanning program that works with most high-quality flatbed and film scanners to produce scans that have excellent color fidelity and color. I think that there was a change of policy on what you can do with the trial version of Vuescan. Basically I think it now just lets you see whether it. 2 days ago VueScan Breathe new life into your old scanner with this handy The trial version is fully functional, although watermarks are placed.

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