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ScreenHunter and Jing: Free Apps for Screen and Video Capture December 4th, ScreenHunter offers free screen capture software to capture any part of a screen image, then print and edit the screenshot with annotations. Screenhunter also works well with Web capture and scanning. ScreenHunter can capture a full screen, an active window or a specific rectangular area of your choice. You can capture virtually anything on your computer screen.
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Capture Images and Record Videos in Windows Posted on Author Trisha Leave a comment There are so many programs for Windows that can capture screens and record the desktop activities into videos. Some of them are free and others are paid. But only a few of these applications can do the job properly. ScreenHunter is one of those screen grabbing programs that performs all the screen capturing tasks with perfection.

This program is available in three editions — free, pro and plus. ScreenHunter is able to record the desktop activities with a maximum resolution of 6K and a frame rate of fps. No other screen capture tool is able to provide so much detail in the videos. You can even integrate the video stream from your webcam into your recordings. It has a very easy to use user interface. This miniature toolbar is anchored near the top or bottom edges of your computer screen. Using this toolbar, you can quickly access the capture and record functions.

The main window of ScreenHunter is loaded with many functions. The big capture and record buttons are located on the top of the window while you can change the options from the rest of the window.

You can customize the settings related to capture, saving images, saving videos and more. The options available in the free version of ScreenHunter include the choice of the area from which you will capture the image full screen, active window or manually specified area , notation, choosing the file format for saving images, location of the saved images or videos and file naming, and additional settings for the behavior of the entire application.

It is also possible to decide if the screenshot will include the mouse cursor. The video options in the free version are basically frozen and you cannot change anything. All in all, ScreenHunter is an awesome screen grabber application for Windows. It is very easy to use, captures very high quality images and records high resolution videos. Even though the free version has many functions disabled, it is still worth it due to high quality images and videos it saves.

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What makes ScreenHunter 7 different?

Editing only in Pro version Needs more file formats In its freeware form ScreenHunter offers possibly one of the best freeware screengrab packages available. You can have it running in your system tray and captures are made either by clicking ‘Capture Now’ or by pressing a hotkey of your choosing. You can grab video in full-screen at the same resolution as your desktop, grab from within a resizeable rectangular window or choose from different shape or use the freehand option to draw a shape to capture within. Initiating a grab generates a camera click sound with the file automatically named using a pre-determined system and stored in a location of your choosing. You can also make timed captures at specified intervals and have them saved to the clipboard. If you want more you need to whip out your credit card and step up to the Plus version, which has a useful gif support and automatic e-mailing and printing options.

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ScreenHunter Pro icon A full-features screen capturing and recording software solution that helps you take screenshots of the desktop and create home videos. Wisdom-soft ScreenHunter Free includes a branded version of the Conduit Toolbar, which is a web browser extenstion that delivers search based advertising. The most feature-rich & powerful screen recorder – ScreenHunter 7. Get Started Now ScreenHunter 7. New all-in-one screen capture and screen recorder.

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