How to Change Your Windows 10 Network Type into Private or Public

Connections using Ethernet wired use a generic name such as Network 7 usually while wireless networks the SSID of the Wi-Fi network the device connected to. Some users and administrators may dislike the non-descriptive nature of wired network connections on Windows. Good news is that it is possible to rename network profile names to make them more descriptive on the operating system. The following guide was written for Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system but the process should work in previous versions of Windows as well.
windows 10 change network type

How to Change Network from Public to Private in Windows 10

Now that I know the secret — pfft! Piece of cake. Only takes a second. How was I supposed to expect that? First, the answer, then a bit of background about why this is an important thing to know about security. How to change the network type from Public to Private in Windows 10 Windows treats public and private networks differently.

If you are on a public network then your computer is locked down — you cannot access other computers or printers on the network, and other devices cannot see anything on your computer. This is a problem if you are on a trusted network — home or office — and you need to connect to a shared folder or a printer.

Pro tip: The Public or Private setting will be displayed under the network name, as shown in the above picture. If the network location needs to be changed in Windows 10, follow these steps. Your computer cannot connect to printers or other computers, and nothing can connect to your computer. If the switch is ON, then Windows believes you are on a private network. This is the normal setting for home or office networks. The process is slightly different for wireless networks.

June 24, Alert reader Richard Betnay spotted a strange exception. Stick with me for a minute. This is actually an important thing to know about computer security. The picture below is the screen that appears when you connect to a network for the first time. Your computer can browse the internet but nothing can reach in from outside. Background for IT support techs:

Windows 8.1

Change network type from Public to Private in Windows 10 Posted on 01st February When you connect to a network for the first time in Windows 10, the network location is automatically set to Public. This is the safest option as it will keep your computer invisible on the network. You should keep this default option whenever you connect your PC to a public network such as the Wi-Fi in Hotels, airport, trains, shopping malls etc. In such situations, you can change the network location to Private to make your computer discoverable to other computers.

VIDEO: Change Network From Public to Private in Windows 10 Easily

Learn how to set a Wi-Fi network profile as public or private in Windows After you connect to a network the first time, you can change it to. In Windows 10 (and earlier versions had this too), there is a difference between Private and Public networks (there is also a third. If the option to change Network from Public to Private missing then this post When you configure the Network on Windows 10 computer, you can In the RUN prompt, type regedit and hit enter to open the Registry Editor.

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