Correct Windows 7 Activation Error 0x8007232B

Microsoft updated the list of known issues quickly to highlight the issue but did not provide explanation other than that. Administrators had to find a way to work around the issue elsewhere, and the article that we published here on this site helped several administrators. Microsoft published a new support article, KB , on January 10, that explains the activation issue and provides a solution to fix it. The issue started on January 8, at
windows 7 activation failed

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This article will guide you through step-by-step methods on how to resolve error code 0XCE on Windows 7. First, we’ll take a look at the possible reasons for this error code. Part 1: The license is not signed correctly. Microsoft software download corrupted or installation failed.

Window registry corrupted. Your computer is recovered from a virus or adware attack. Part 2: It is highly suggested that you carry out all the solutions in exact manner to effectively get rid of your problem. Solution 1: Activate Windows 7 Using Telephone Instead If this error happened when trying to activate Windows 7, you might as well use telephone instead, you just need to: Go to Start menu and then right click on Computer, then choose Properties.

After that, you will see the Windows activation status at the bottom of the screen, simply choose Activate Windows now. Next, enter your password if asked to proceed. And choose Show me other ways to Activate from the options provided and then click on Use the automated phone system. Then follow the on-screen step-by-step guide to use the automated telephone system for activation. Solution 2: Repair Registry Entries Related to Error 0XCE If the issue occurred owing to the corrupt Windows registry, then this solution might work for you, do the following: Click the Start button.

Type “command” in the search box, then hold Ctrl and Shift key at the same time on your keyboard, hit Enter to bring up the command prompt. Type “regedit” in the command prompt and hit Enter. Then select the folder to save the Windows 7 backup key and type a name for your backup file.

In the Export Range box, be sure that “Selected branch” is selected. Then click Save to have it saved with a. You now have a backup of your Windows 7-related registry entry.

After all these, you can manually edit your registry. Solution 3: Solution 4: Perform A System Restore Still experience problems with the error code? Actually, you can use the System Restore to restore the computer configurations to an earlier time. Simply click Start and enter system restore in the search box. Choose System Restore from the list which appears in the search and then Continue. Select a restore point before the most recent and then choose Next. After selecting a restore point, just follow the on-screen instructions to roll back system files.

Hope this article is useful to resolve error code 0XCE when trying to activate Windows 7.

Method 1. Check your Date and Time Settings.

To help prevent software piracy, Microsoft requires that Windows is activated before it can be used as full-version software. There are two methods for activating Windows: WPA involves two numbers. One is an Installation ID generated by entering a Windows product key that the computer owner submits to Microsoft. This method is used when upgrading or installing a new Windows edition from disc not HP System Recovery. No intervention is required to activate the operating system software before initial use. With SLP-activated systems, most of the computer’s hardware can be replaced without needing to re-activate the software through Microsoft.

VIDEO: Error message when you try to activate Windows 7 or Windows Vista: “An error has occurred”

If you don’t change the hardware (CPU, memory, harddrive), then it’s most likely that somehow the key stored in registry is corrupted. It can be. A Windows 7 or Windows 8/ product key cannot activate Windows error message such as (0XCE, 0xD, 0xb. If you get the activation error 0xB when you try to activate Windows 7 online, you will need to run these commands from the command.

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