Can I Get windows 7 ultimate product key unacceptable character On Sale

I found out there was another place I could put in the activation key. Maybe you could look around for the other place or google it. I eventually got through to the Activation Centre but got no help at all.
windows 7 product key unacceptable character

Unacceptable Character error when entering product key for Windows 10

I found out there was another place I could put in the activation key. Maybe you could look around for the other place or google it. I eventually got through to the Activation Centre but got no help at all. I got what sounded like a well rehearsed statement that told me that Microsoft will not activate the product key and that I will have to purchase a new key.

I was then told that Microsoft are no longer supplying any product keys for WIndows 7 and that I would be unable to purchase a key from them. I was simply left with no help and no means to resolve the problem through Microsoft. In fact I was told to look on ebay or Amazon!!!!! When I raised the issue that I bought this OS some three years ago and that until a few days ago it had always shown as Activated so why couldn’t Microsoft help me, I was told that Microsoft no longer support Windows 7 Ultimate.

Any ideas????? What a bunch of Microsoft are definitely making life difficult for those who do not want to go over to Windows Looks like it’s “their way” or “no way”. If only all of my software would run with an alternative OS. The Windows 7 Ultimate that was installed has been working and showing as activated up until I had this recent problem. I used two methods to extract the product key, one of which was “productkey. Both returned the same product key. There is no way that I can get any progress with this.

Please see my following post. Thank you for your input. Can anyone shine any light on this problem for me please?

I have searched the forum but cannot see any solutions. One of my older desktops, about 3 years since total rebuild, the only parts that were kept were the cpu and the dvd drive. The code displayed in ‘System Properties’ is not the ‘Product Code’ – but I think it is generated as part of the activation process.

The other day I started to have problems. One minute it would show then vanish, another time it would not show at all and sometimes it would not be shown in the BIOS. The same thing then started to happen with the C: I eventually managed to get the machine booted from a recovery disc that I had made a few months ago However I could not get the problems resolved via software updates, reinstalling drivers etc. In the end I decided that it might be hardware related. So back up and running again with no apparent boot or disc problems I carried on as usual.

Activate Windows now”. Beneath that it shows a Product ID. You could try to retrieve the ‘current’ Product key When I click on the “activate windows now” a Windows Activation Box opens with a message at the top stating “The Windows 7 Ultimate product key that you typed is invalid for activation”, The message box gives me three options, 1 Buy a new product key 2 Type a different product key 3 Contact Microsoft to help resolve this problem Obviously hopefully I should not need to do 1.

I also note that the Product key format shown on this page is of a different format to the Product ID shown on the properties page. I am confused about this. Option 3 provides a range of directions, non of which seem to help. Even by clicking through to Windows Customer Support, I need a product key of a different format to the ID code shown on the pc. As mentioned above – the ‘Product ID’ is not the ‘Product key’ that is used to activate, though the former may be generated after using the later.

I cannot even get progress enough to find a Microsoft phone number to call as the Product ID is not accepted. That’s odd. There is usually a phone number somewhere – because activations are sometimes necessary over the phone, where there is not network connection.

That said – the phone service is very often ‘automated’ in the first instance requiring a code to be keyed in via the phone key-pad, and then it dictates a different code back for you to type back into the PC – and I’d expect there to be an option to speak to someone in person, at some stage.

But – two issues to point out

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key

Click Do this later Windows 10 will automatically re-activate within a few days. Things you should know: Windows 10 uses its own unique product key. By default, Windows 10 builds are pre-keyed, meaning, you do not have to enter a product key and should not be prompted to enter one as long as you upgraded from an activated Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 8.

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Where windows 7 ultimate product key unacceptable character Online. If you fail to connect the remote computer with ProduKey, read the. With Windows product key activation etc, the only characters it accepts are an unacceptable character message ALWAYS means that a non. Option 2) Trying to retype the product ID shown gets a message that states ” Unacceptable Character”. I also note that the Product key format.

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