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In reality, though, that isn’t always the case as I recently discovered when setting up my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. This article lists a few key things to do as soon as you take the computer out of the box to help ease you into the great experience you will have with your new Ultrabook. Core i5-i7 processor with an Intel Graphics HD card.
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In reality, though, that isn’t always the case as I recently discovered when setting up my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.

This article lists a few key things to do as soon as you take the computer out of the box to help ease you into the great experience you will have with your new Ultrabook. Core i5-i7 processor with an Intel Graphics HD card. Despite coming with the most recent processors, the pre-installed graphics, Bluetooth, and Wifi drivers are out-of-date: If you’re experiencing weak WiFi or Bluetooth connections, updating the drivers should help.

Here’s how to do it: Download Google Chrome and stop using Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer is a poor browser and lacks many of the extensions available in Chrome, which we will be talking about in the next couple of sections.

Download the new drivers. Download the bit version on the latest release it will start with Win Depending on your internet speed, this process may take around 30 minutes. You can still get the Intel Driver Update Utility to update your Wifi and other necessary drivers, just don’t use it to update your graphics driver at this time.

You may want to organize each download into its own folder just in case you need them in the future. Uninstall previous drivers. Scroll down to the “Intel Graphics Driver” and uninstall it. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, and you’re probably worried that your system won’t work properly. But don’t worry: After you’ve uninstalled the drivers, you’ll be prompted to restart.

As it reboots, you might notice a dim screen and a screen delay, but don’t worry: Install new drivers. Once you’re back on the desktop, open up the Intel Driver Update Utility. If you’ve previously downloaded the drivers but didn’t install them, you’ll find them in the Downloads tab on the top.

Go there, click Install, and follow the prompts. Double check the installation. Once your computer boots up, reopen the Intel Driver Update Utility and click the “Find Drivers – Auto Detect” button to make sure that all the updated versions have installed. I have noticed that the latest Bluetooth driver always fails to install. I’m not sure why, but you’ll need to try to re-install them.

If you need the old drivers back, you can find a link to them at the Lenovo Support Center , where you can also find the Realtek Audio Driver. Using the Intel Driver Update Utility was the best way to make sure you have the most recent Intel updates, however I’ve discovered a recent bug in the software where it’s not giving you the most recent releases for our graphics card.

The ones on the Lenovo site are at least one release behind what Intel will provide you. Once you replace the Graphics Driver, you can just run the update utility, and the drivers will install with no problems. It made me feel like I had bought a malfunctioning machine. There is a way to fix this, but it does take a little bit of work. This fix is for users running Win 8.

There is a new screen flashing issue that I address in the next section you will still need to do these steps to fix the original flicker. Any instructions that require the Charm Bar below can be done in Windows 10 by just typing Settings in the search bar by the Windows logo.

The rest of the steps still follow suit after that. Open your Charms Bar and go to Search. Click on Change Plan Settings and adjust the brightness on the bar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on “Change Advanced Power Settings. A user, Kidsmeal, has also discovered a way to prevent the screen dimming on battery power. Here’s what they found: Then go to Power and then On Battery.

Then Disable Power Saving Technology. Lenovo Yoga Pro 2: Yellow Fix Yes, yes, yes. The yellow color issue on this machine is a problem, and though there’s an available fix, it’s not perfect. But, it’s better than nothing. Below is a quick and easy fix that will turn that dark mustard yellow to more of a bright mustard yellow.

This one is easy. Once you have downloaded, follow the prompts to install them. Once you’re finished, restart your computer if you’re not already prompted to do so. In the next section, I’ll go over some absolute must-have extensions for Chrome to help make your browsing experience even greater. Needless to say my Yoga 2 Pro was no exception to a few issues that have been making its way to many users. In this category I’ll be listing some fixes and one issue that no one seems to be able to fix.

I encourage my readers to post any updates that may have helped them overcome some of the Windows 10 bugs. Keep up-to-date in the comment section here as it is pretty active! Windows 10 Drivers – When you upgrade to Windows 10 it is supposed to automatically provide you with the most up-to-date drivers. If you’ve followed the instructions in this article then you’ve gone to the Intel site Here to update your graphics driver you can still use the Intel Driver Update Utility to update other drivers outside of the Graphics Driver.

If you haven’t followed this article and you’ve only updated through Lenovo then the update utility will not work for some of your drivers like the Graphics Driver. It’s a good idea to follow this article to always be up-to-date. Touchpad Not Working – Right when the Windows 10 upgrade was finished my touchpad was going nuts. The gestures weren’t working and more importantly I wasn’t able to scroll.

To fix this you’ll need to go the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Support page and get the latest touchpad driver for Windows Some people have had trouble finding it but it is definitely there you may have to scroll down and hit the “show all” button. Updating the driver has significantly improved my experience. Check Your Driver Versions – Cross reference your drivers with the available Windows 10 drivers on the site. You can do this by going to Control Panel – Uninstall a Program – scroll to the right to check the versions.

If you’ve updated through the Intel Driver Update Utility then you shouldn’t have to update any Intel drivers from the site except the graphics driver. Just look and see if it says Windows 10 and if you haven’t updated it in awhile then update it.

If you already have a certain up-to-date driver installed the computer will tell you that you already have it before you install it. Google Chrome – There is a couple of problems that I’m experiencing and have experienced with Chrome thus far. The first issue which may definitely happen to you at any given time is Chrome will break and stop working.

When you open the browser it will just hang on a blank screen and a little dialog box to “Kill The Pages” will appear. Some fixes included right clicking the Chrome icon on your desktop, click the compatibility tab, and uncheck the Windows 8 compatibility mode.

This worked the very first time for me but then I had it happen again after a Cumulative Update for Windows 10 in late August. I had to reinstall Chrome and restart my computer a few times and then it suddenly worked. There’s no official reason that I’ve discovered on forums that are causing this to happen which is a big bummer.

The second issue with Chrome is constant zooming, you’ll notice while using Chrome on the Yoga 2 Pro that it will constantly zoom while you’re scrolling through pages. I haven’t found a fix for this just yet but as soon as I do it will likely be posted in the comments section. Screen Flickering – It’s like we just can’t get away with this issue, the above fix in this article is still relevant for a completely separate reason so do still follow the steps.

This new issue which many users are experiencing is directly related to Windows For me it only happens when I’m on battery power now. If this is happening to you while it’s plugged in then go to your notification center which is next to the date and time on the bottom right hand of your screen.

Open it click on All Settings – System – Battery Saver, disable the battery saver option on that screen and uncheck the box in the Battery Saver Settings. This should stop it from flickering while plugged in. However this issue still happens when I go on battery power, I have actively looked with some of my readers for a fix but there is nothing solid online. I think that it has something to do with the Energy Manager and the Battery Saver option. Even though it’s disabled I believe there is still a compatibility error between the two.

The Energy Manager has not yet been updated by Lenovo for Windows 10 which is what also leads me to be suspicious about the compatibility.

Read the update below for a fix that worked for me. Screen Flashing – I’ve had a struggle with the Intel Driver Update Utility updating my graphics driver to correct version. If you’ve already followed the steps and got the graphics version ending in from the Intel site here then you’re good to go. It is important to do a clean install of this graphics driver – uninstall the original in control panel, restart your computer and install the new one you got.

Your screen will be strange after the restart but don’t freak out just install the new one straight away don’t open a browser or anything. My screen was flashing while on battery power and it was almost unusable until I plugged it back in.

Now that I’ve updated the driver to the I haven’t had the issue. This seems to have fixed the problem! Juice Up and Personalize Google Chrome I wasn’t a big fan of Google Chrome when it first came out years ago, but it definitely grew on me.

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