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Most downloaded app lock in Play Store. Protect privacy with password, pattern, fingerprint lock. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.
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Mobile device Description Try our new app “Smart Quotes”. Best LockScreen Themes collection. Believe me its better than all quotes application in any market including iTunes an Play Store.

Just give it a try. Like Us https: Go to “Settings” to make pattern invisible. Now no one can see what pattern you are drawing. Support Developers by Rating and Review. Your ratings and feedback are very important to us. Give a try and I bet you will enjoy. Smart App Lock is the new Windows phone application of the year with the help of which you can lock your Apps.

Now you need not to worry when your phone is in someone else’s hand. So it saved your time. So that you can check if anyone has tried to open your app without your permission. Good thing is you can see what time they tried to open your locked apps. Pattern Lock background changes every time you change your start theme.

If you have any doubts just checkout the screen shots once. I hope you will like this application. As it is a new app it requires your support. Please review this application to support us. Your valuable suggestions is important for us to improve. So yes we provide lock on Top Apps “Spotify” and “Pandora” also. Important note: It is a utility application to provide lock on your Apps tile. Applications can be opened easily from side bar menu as its a Windows Phone Limitation.

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Comodo App Lock Comodo App Lock prevents applications and games on your smart phone or tablet from being accessed by others without your knowledge. You can lock any game or app you desire using a lock pattern of your choice. App Lock allows you to: Secure your contacts and calendar events from the prying eyes of others Protect banking and financial applications containing your sensitive information from access by others Safeguard your social website pages like Facebook, Twitter from your nosy friends Hide your private conversations through messenger apps like Whatsapp, Skype and so on Shield your pictures and videos shared through media sharing apps like Instagram Prevent your children from making unwanted purchases from online shopping applications Avoid your favorite games played by others and losing your accumulated awards … and more.

VIDEO: The Best AppLock for Android – App Locker to Password Protect Apps

Do you want your phone screen and mobile app to be secured? Then lock screen and app lock is the ultimate application you must be looking. Free App Lock. Lock any apps so that no one can use them without your authorization, protecting your privacy & data from potential risks! Download Now – It’s. NEW! AppLock+: Securely lock your sensitive apps with a PIN code. Lock all your sensitive apps before lending someone your phone. For example, give.

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