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Barrister Battle Report: These intense dogfights are what the X-Wing Miniatures Game seeks to, and succeeds in, recreating for each player at the table. This week, X-Wing:
x wing tie swarm

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Binayre Pirate 24 If you’re looking at this and thinking ‘I don’t get it’ then allow me run down some of the applications key features Beyond Thunderdome leading her army of scavengers on a rampage across the post-apocalyptic outback, with Drea Renthal obviously in the Tina Turner role.

Who wouldn’t want to fly these guys? I’ve not actually played the Jakku Swarm yet because I’m kind of scared of what I’ll find. Either it will not live up to what it looks like on paper, which will be disappointing, or worse yet it WILL live up to its promise and that’ll be terrifying.

I do know people who have given it a try, though, and the feedback they’ve given to me on how those games went sound a bit like the X-Wing equivalent of Vader’s corridor scene in Rogue One. People talk about TIE Swarms being hard to fly and easy to outmaneuver because they have to stay in tight formation to benefit from Howlrunner, but this squad doesn’t have any such requirement.

People are bringing Proton Bombs as their preferred answer to the TIE Swarms that fly in tight formation without any shields, but this swarm doesn’t fly in formation and has shields on 5 out of 7 ships. And tractor beams. Tractor beams to disrupt enemy formations, to throw people onto rocks and in bullseye arcs, even Medium ships onto rocks and make the opponent fear rocks as a defense against the swarm instead of running towards them.

This is a very scary proposition. Yes, that’s right, Quadjumpers are scary now The one thing this squad really gives up on vs the TIE Swarm is a bit of speed. A TIE has a 5 forward and a white barrel roll so, in the immortal words of Poe Dameron “it can really move”. A Z has a 4 forward and a red barrel roll so it’s more limited although, hey, a Z has a barrel roll? Worse yet, the Quadjumper’s fastest move is a 3 so the Jakku swarm has to be more methodical in chasing targets down than the TIEs are.

This lack of speed means the Jakku swarm doesn’t get a completely clean sweep of ticks against the TIE Swarm and it has a new weakness to expose, but on balance I still think it’s well ahead of the TIEs – not least in having a lot of natural strengths against the things that people are bringing to kill TIE Swarms, like Proton Bombs. I haven’t put the Scum Swarm onto the table yet but I will, when I’m done tinkering around with all the new kit and want to start properly trying to win games this is likely to be my first stop.

I hope you’ve enjoyed them and that I’ve been able to show you some new ideas for how to get set up in this Second Edition of X-Wing. This time tomorrow I won’t be posting another blog but will, in a refreshing change of pace, be setting a dial and trying to play as much X-Wing as humanly possible. Until then

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X-Wing Miniatures Tactics: Certainly with all the new ships, cards, and every growing combinations, how is it able to still hold such ground. The core mechanics of the game favor the humble TIE fighter over any other ship in the game. It is a stress point of the game.

VIDEO: X-Wing Miniatures Game: Swarm Tactics Preview

The Road to the Open Series is a blog series documenting my journey preparing for and competing in Star Wars X-Wing Open Series events. If you’d like to. Have wanted to try and fly a tie swarm since but am clueless when I comes to swarms. Would this be a good start? New Squadron (40). I have been sort-of gaming, and playing Xwing mainly for the sheer convenience as this is a pretty full on time of year. I’m finally on break.

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