[2019] Can’t Download YouTube Videos Anymore? How to Download YouTube Videos Successfully

The existing file is being used by Windows and cannot be modified. In case you are installing the new version of YTD in the same location as the previous one, make sure to close any instances of YTD that are running before installing a new version. We recommend you to restart your computer and try installing YTD again. Getting a “file not found” error when running YTD.
youtube downloader failed 2

Fix error ‘Failed 2 The video you have requested is not available’

The existing file is being used by Windows and cannot be modified. In case you are installing the new version of YTD in the same location as the previous one, make sure to close any instances of YTD that are running before installing a new version.

We recommend you to restart your computer and try installing YTD again. Getting a “file not found” error when running YTD. In case you don’t have it installed you will receive these error: DLL needs to be installed on your machine.

Make sure to restart your computer after the install. Uninstalling YTD? Downloading videos Getting a Failed error when downloading a video. There can be multiple causes for this.

YTD uses cookies on Internet Explorer to download videos. In case you encounter issues downloading videos from specific sites, try playing them in IE and try downloading the video while Internet Explorer is running.

If you cannot view the video please make sure IE is up to date. If you receive a “Pause, waiting for internet connection” or “Failed 6” error please perform the following actions: Select “Reset”, making sure to choose the “Delete personal setting” check box.

YTD’s connection can be blocked by your antivirus or firewall. Make sure to add YTD to your firewall’s list of allowed programs. Select YTD, click on the? Try using YTD. If the issue persists please uninstall Zone Alarm from your computer and try again.

YTD’s connection can be blocked by McAfee. When prompted about YTD’s access, please select “Allow”. If the issue persists please uninstall McAfee and try again. As a final solution you can uninstall YTD. Run a registry cleaner program and reinstall YTD.

There is no sound for the downloaded video If you encounter sound issues with the downloaded videos, please update your media player codecs. Otherwise we recommend you to use VLC player which can be downloaded for free from here: Simply copy the URL from the address bar of your web browser and paste it to YTD and select “Download” in order to download the video to your computer.

For more details please check this video tutorial. Is Recording Streaming Video Allowable? We think that recording streaming videos for the later personal enjoyment or edification of yourself and members of your immediate household is allowable, whether as a ” fair use ” under the United States Copyright Act or the equivalent in the territory of the rights holder or you, or otherwise, and is the equivalent of using a digital video recorder DVR , or an old fashioned VHS or Sony Betamax video recorder we suspect that most of you don’t remember the Betamax hooked up to your TV, or a video camera pointed at your screen, to record.

And there are many videos that are in the public domain meaning, at least in the United States, there is no copyright or all copyright has fully and irrevocably expired , or where the copyright holders are okay with you saving or recording these videos for your later personal enjoyment or information. Some copyright holders are even okay with you making more copies of those videos or other works for the purpose of distributing them or making them available to others, without charging for them or otherwise financially benefitting, but this may be a pretty complex area of the law, and it isn’t always crystal clear what a particular copyright holder may be okay with, and what the law is or may be, so we urge caution and unless you are certain about who the rights holder are and what they may be okay with please do not distribute or make them available to others.

Sometimes a copyright holder will actually inform you that you can re-use or re-distribute their videos or other works, in whole, or in part, including by notifying the world at large that a particular Creative Commons type license [1] is applicable to a video.

Here is where Creative Commons lists organizations and projects powered with Creative Commons licenses: The Internet Archive has a large collection of educational and entertainment video’s that are available either because they are in the public domain or have some sort of some, but not all rights, reserved Creative Commons type license: We suggest that for those videos where you are not sure if they are in the public domain, or where you are not sure that the copyright holder would be okay with you making more copies of those videos or other works for a purpose of distributing them or making them available to others, or doing something else typically within the exclusive rights of the copyright holder, without charging for them, that you not place those videos or other works in any folders where you might make the content of such folder s available to others, whether on a VPN virtual private network or through any P2P peer-to-peer file search and sharing networks.

Also, although some agreements the “Terms” or “EULA” [End User License Agreement] with various streaming video websites might say that you shouldn’t convert or record videos that stream, we think the same reasoning applies to recording for your own later personal enjoyment, and we don’t think those parts of the website agreements are enforceable.

This may be particularly true if you are visually impaired. As a matter of fact, in many instances the video you are streaming is actually being recorded and saved already. When you watch a video in flash from a website, the video is downloaded into your computer, in the folder “Temporary Internet Files” of your browser. The YTD program does pretty much the same thing, allowing you to select the destination folder. This means that the file is saved on your computer while you watch the video and there remains until you do delete it.

Some, but obviously not all copyright holders may feel that this is not always fair or allowable. For example, some “major label” music recording or music publishing companies, and performers and songwriters may believe that with regard to music videos it is not fair for users to either record, or continue to keep the video streams that have already been recorded to your computer, or to just keep the audio portions of the videos, especially if a user can continue to play those files after they have been removed from the streaming website, or they think that you should have bought what they were allowing to be streamed for free if you were going to do anything other than watch or listen from the streaming website.

That’s kind of like saying you can’t make a recording of what is playing on a radio station, or music videos playing on you television, whether delivered over the air, by cable, by satellite, by telephone line, or other communications carrier or delivery mechanism.

We, and many many others from all walks of life, from economists, to scholars, to industry insiders, to average citizens and consumers, to some in government, feel that, all things considered, it is okay for you to record, convert to audio, and save for later personal use. But we recognize that some believe otherwise, and you should know this too. And so while we think that we are right, and it is within your rights to record even music videos for later personal use, it is your choice to make an informed decision.

And we will repeat because we think it is important, that we do not condone copyright infringement, we don’t think that you should attempt to sell or make money from streamed audio-video files unless the rights holder says you can, or perhaps you are using parts in something like news reporting, or for scholarly or educational purposes, or the like.

And you should be very very careful about making some such content available for distribution, even if not for profit. Also, we encourage you to support authors and artists whose works you like.

But ultimately, unfortunately, we can’t give you advice about any of this. You might want to consult with an experienced and good lawyer who knows about these issues, or ask some public interest groups to publish information on these topics and help you stand up for your rights.

Also, this was written with the laws of the United States principally in mind, as we understand them, though may of the same principles apply elsewhere.

If you are outside of the United States you might want to look into what the laws are of the territory where you are, the Electronic Frontier Foundation provides a database of copyright laws around the world at http: In European Union countries, the Commission website has some helpful information and links: For more information on US copyright law and fair use, check out the following materials.

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Step 2: These malicious intruders can damage, corrupt, or even delete Runtime Errors-related files. Furthermore, there’s a possibility that the Failed -2 error you are experiencing is related to a component of the malicious program itself. If you do not already have a malware protection program installed, we highly recommend using Emsisoft Anti-Malware download here. They offer a malware removal guarantee that is not offered by other security software. Step 3:

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Error Failed -2 problems include computer crashes, freezes, and possible virus infection. Learn how to fix these YTD Video Downloader runtime errors quickly. lets see if youtube can disable that lol. 1- ACA Screen Recorder 2- Replay Video Capture both are available as trial version but u can easily. why doesnt my youtube downloader work?(add-on) well i recently downloaded this one add on called 1 Click YouTube Download. and it worked perfectly fine for about a month or so, and i tried . Posted 11/13/10, AM.

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